Star Wars: Trench Run - New CryEngine Game Will Leave You Speechless

Here are some stunning cryengine screenshots of Star Wars: Trench Run, an upcoming game/modification that based on Cryengine 2. Check out the amazing shots after the break!

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megalonagyix2215d ago

Seriously love these Cryengine mods, but will they ever be released?

camel_toad2215d ago

I'd like to see the statistics of mods that are never released/completed. It's gotta be a big percentage. A lot of great stuff just never makes it out.

porkChop2215d ago

That doesn't even look "stunning". It looks like crap. I've seen much, much better mods, especially ones based on CryEngine 2.

GreenRanger2215d ago

It looked good but i have not been left speechless.

pandehz2215d ago

Ah now we know where Luke got his power from and I finally understand what Obi Wan meant 'Luke, use the force'

Luke: 'Maximum Speed'