LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller DLC Review (PSU)

Gaming is moving towards multiple screen gameplay. We've seen it with Apple devices and AirPlay, Microsoft has Smartglass, and of course Nintendo has the DS. Sony has dabbled with it before with Remote Play, though was simply projecting the image from the T.V. onto the screen of the handheld, but now it has taken it to the next level and shown what can be really done.

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Brian1rr2214d ago

It doesn't work 2 well on my vita

KangarooSam2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

hopfily it works 4 every1 els.

I'm sorry, but I'm tired of people who can't spell. The difference between sounding like a twelve year old and an adult is two (not 2) whole keys on your keyboard. Imagine how much more respect you'll get as a big boy!

/personal attack
Well, not really an attack; helpful advice.

Genuine-User2214d ago

It's "too" by the way. Not two.

EvilJeffBridges2214d ago

Go cry on a grammar website.

guitarded772214d ago

@ Genuine-User

LoL... that's good stuff. Call someone out on grammar and make a mistake calling them out. Brilliant.

On topic: I have yet to try it, but LBP Vita's controls are very tight, so if the cross-controller-play DLC plays as well, it will be good enough for me. I found the LBP Vita controls to feel very natural to the game any not forced like in so many other games utilizing non-traditional game controls.

GribbleGrunger2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

For (not four) people call Genuine-user out on 'too' and not 'two' and he gets 4 (not for) disagrees! LOL (not laugh out loud). Wat iz da wurld cummin two?

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KangarooSam2214d ago

Still not sure about this. I thought it would be more of a second controller displaying the PS3 screen on your Vita, kinda like PSASBR. Not to say this is bad, just not what I was expecting.

Hicken2214d ago

When did it ever look like that?

Kluv2214d ago

Little big planet always makes the best use of sony's random out there features. It still makes some of the best use of the move controller.

vikingland12214d ago

I tried it out with my wife last night and it worked flawlessly. It was quite enloyable.

r212214d ago

I know its too soon but has there been any levels that have made use of this feature? Might go back to LBP2 again.

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