The Hardest Boss Battles on Xbox 360

Two Enemies that Make Chuck Norris Look Like My-Little-Pony

While other consoles stand-tall with their number of exclusive releases, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has become notorious for the lack of variety in all (and by that I mean both) its own titles. So although this article is about the hardest boss fights to be found on the console, the lack of choice available has resulted in both the selected games being multi-platform, rather than anything specifically catered for the console itself.

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OneAboveAll2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

What is this crap?

How poorly written. Second, only TWO? Why did you choose two games that aren't exclusive to 360. I get it doesn't have many exclusives but RE5 over Gears of War? Which has quite a few bosses might I add.

What about Kameo? This game also had bosses as well as Too Human.

Or what was once a 360 exclusive the original Mass Effect's end boss.

Just looking for quick hit's are you? Well, I will be avoiding this site. Your lack of knowledge on these games (MK/RE5)is astounding. "Netherworld" (or whatever)?

You have to be kidding me...

prototypeknuckles2218d ago

1-why are there only 2 games both of which arent even exclusive
2-they arebt that hard if at all really.

SolidGear32217d ago

No Dark Souls? Instant fail.