Resistance 2: Confirmed for Fall 2008, Demo Coming in July?

Slipped into the bottom of a press release regarding the extension to Insomniac Games' 'Nocturnal' initiative comes the news that the PS3-exclusive, Resistance: Fall of Man 2 is due out in Autumn 2008.

The text reads:

"Insomniac Games is currently developing Resistance 2(TM), which will release this fall, exclusively for PlayStation 3."

This would more than suggest, therefore, that the Easter egg hidden in the video we reported yesterday indicates not only more enemies, but a demo for July.

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Fishy Fingers3890d ago

Demo? i was expecting a beta... i guess these guys are doing all their own play testing (jammy gits). Neither the less, ill be downloading the demo/beta/video's/anything R2.

rushbd3890d ago

they have internal Q/A team to test everything to death.

gambare3890d ago

A demo is great enough. Maybe they will release it in July 4th? that date would be awesome :D

deeznuts3890d ago

They don't sleep, beta testers (public) do. So they're better at it. A demo in July, OMG the hype is going to be crazy. Resistance:FOM was generally a very enjoyable game.

Bubble Buddy3890d ago

Insomniac are Insomniacs :)

gamesR4fun3889d ago

ya these guys have yet to let us down which makes them good as gold in my books.

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T_O873890d ago

i am begining to think that insomniac are not from planet earth

poos33890d ago

im a sony fan but resistance 2 ?i played 1boring and now we get 2 im already getting bored.

r10003890d ago

Yea.... Like I'm really going to take your word... "POOS3" please child... yea like i really believe you played part 1, or even own a ps3... get out of here teenager

gambare3890d ago

How can you be bored with a game you never played?

RecSpec3890d ago

He did a boxart review. Look at the box, pass judgement.

pwnsause3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Insomniac are from planet earth, they just have sweatshops below their studios, thats all, just imagine you doing a game and ted comes up to you with a belt, SPANK!SPANK! "keep working slave!!!" (not tending to be racial, its whats up crawling in my mind about insomniac)

BeaArthur3890d ago

At the risk of getting blasted I agree with Poos3 (and I do have a ps3). The campaign just felt very repetetive (I don't know maybe just not enough of a variety of enemies). The multiplayer maps were uninspiring and the gameplay just didn't get me excited. Maybe Resistance 2 will be better but I will definetely rent it before I throw down $60 for it.

beavis4play3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

he doesn't have a ps3 and hates sony. check out 360 threads and look at his comments. this guy is an outright LIAR. i wish there was a way to get rid of these losers.

and at 2.6- repetitive? uh, you do need to get blasted because you rip a very good game but don't give specifics. with the insane variety of weapons,(not to mention many weapons are very unique to this game) huge battles and
facinating alternate history story i'm confused as to what you want. what game offers(in your mind) non-repetitive play?

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Madbrain3890d ago

Sorry bots!! You can't have it!! Another PS3 exclusive!!!

Gazman3890d ago

Wow I just hope they have not rushed it

Frances-the-Mute3890d ago

Insomniac releases a game every year, and they all turn out great

Shadow Flare3890d ago

And its also not the same team, insomniac have 2 teams and this one has been working on Resistance 2 before Ratchet & Clank : TOD came out. Or so said the play beyond podcast on IGN

Dave20013890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Another game thats going to flop.:)

T_O873890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

LOL good one

Edit : why dissagree with him he is joking have some sense of humor

Kaz Hirai3890d ago

This will be GOTY 2008, count on it!


Dave20013890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Relax guys I'm only joking i seriously think this game is going to be great.

@Kaz Hirai: Yes I'm a clone of the mart but the reason why pretend to be him is so i could annoy the hell out of that idiot.:)

Kaz Hirai3890d ago

Anyone who annoys that BUFFOON is fine by King Kaz!


heyheyhey3890d ago


im confused- too many piss-take accounts nowadays

poos33890d ago

sony need to learn from microsoft they show games that are being released at gdc with actial ingame gameplay which all looked amazing ng2,fable 2,gta dlc for for 2008,too humann, and even emntion gears of war 2 for 2008+many more things and games to come deff at e32008.
this year will be hard for sony .

TheMART3890d ago

First: I love clones, you all minions make me more famous, well known and practically make me a celebrity! Thanks for that already, there are so much like you that did this, done that and welcome to the army of my soldiers!

Second: yeah Resistance 2 could 'flop'. Well Resistance 1 was allright, but not as good as Gears 1. Average reviews:

Resistance 1: 87%

Gears 1: 94%

History will repeat itself. Gears 2 cuts R2 and KZ2 in two parts. Because KZ2 is delayed probably again to 2009 because they struggle to get the graphics up, they now put R2 in the gap till KZ2 probably releases. THey're that afraid for the Gears 2 effect

PopEmUp3890d ago

History will repeat itself by Ps3 will be kicking xbox ass?

heyheyhey3890d ago

theFAILURE accused me of blindly speculating in another article when thats all he does all day long

its all "mark my words" this and "history will repeat itself" that from you marty boy

jeez you sound like one of those hobos in those films who sit around predicting doom and destruction

TheHater3890d ago

I didn't know a game that average a 87% as a launch title is consider average. Please STFU and just leave.

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