WTF Sony?

The Tokyo Game Show has just ended and many of us were very satisfied with what we saw from Sony, some of us, not so much... Over at PS3Land.com brought some things to attention that some of you were probably thinking yourselves, and ask the question; WTF Sony?

Basically there are things Sony has yet to reveal and launch is right around the corner. The discussion will include things like; Where was Sony's online announcements, where was Linux, and what are the final specs on the RSX graphics card? Some of you may feel fine knowing that Sony is planning everything strategically and not showing all their cards just yet. Perhaps many of you will agree with their arguements and that's for you to decide.

Jay da 2KBalla6270d ago

Great read. It really brings to light on how there are alot of unanswered questions regarding ps3. Very important questions at that. I personall dont think there will be an event before the launch. I think that sony just wanted tgs to hype the ps3 and get gamers to forget about the online, the linux, the rsx etc. I think they are banking on the hardcore to snatch up consoles which they will and of course they wont care if the online is ready or not.

I myself will wait till like 2007 or 2008 or whenever I feel the ps3 will be worth the price. 1 or 2 good ps3 games just isnt enough to me and especially now that bioshock isnt coming to ps3 and that DMC might be coming to 360 as well as kingdom hearts I doubt I will have any reason to buy a ps3.

NextGen24Gamer6270d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. Well said. I do have one for me at launch. But TGS didn't do it for me. It didn't tell much about the Ps3 and what you are paying 600 plus dollars for. I thought Sony was suppose to have a big big announcement at TGS. HDMI? Thats it? That announcement affects 2% of gamers and thats the big news? Microsoft is doing a good job at giving gamers more incentive to not spend over half a grand on a questionable console when they could invest half of that in Unbelievable next gen games. Mass Effect, Gears of War, Halo 3, Bio Shock, GTA, Assasins Creed, Splinter Cell and so on.

Jay da 2KBalla6270d ago (Edited 6270d ago )

top gamer what games are you looking forward to for the ps3. I personally think heavenly sword and lair are going to be AAA but thats about it and they have been delayed. Also resistance looks good but when theres COD3,Raibow six vegas, gears etc. resistance seems to get overshadowed in my eyes. I do however have high hopes for the online but as I previously said sony is being a lil shady on the online and if reesistance along with sonys other games launches with no online multiplayer then sony will be in big trouble.

O and I really hope that "x" wont be used as the fire button in the game for I will automatically not want to play it. Its the main reason I never played fps on the ps2 because it just doesnt feel right after using the triggers on the xbox and 360. Even though ps3s R2 and L2 buttons are said to be more like triggers I've seen the "sixaxis" and they pretty much look the same as the ps2s R2 and L2 buttons but who knows I could be wrong.

But yea though what games on ps3 are you looking forward to?

lalaland6269d ago

Most games, if not all, allows you to rearrange the controls to your liking.

Btw, the R2 + L2 on the Sixaxis are different from the ones on the Dualshock 2. Most reports mentions them as pretty good and as propper triggers.

Ofcourse Resistance will be multiplayer from the start. They, and some of the other online games, will probably use their own servers, as it seems the Sony online setup isn't quite ready yet (since some developers hasn't heard much about online and SOE is using middleware tech for their online functionality).

Sony however has comitted to developing their own online system and giving smaller developers the opportunity to use Sony servers for their games. I believe they are not quite there yet, but it will be fully functional for developers in their second gen games.

Friends-list has been demonstrated with instant text-messaging. We've seen the online-store both ingame (SingStar, MotorStorm etc.) and in the XBI (as a screenshot). Online gameplay has been demonstrated multiple times. The built-in browser has been demonstrated. It is really just a few tidbits that hasn't been shown yet. And btw, wasn't shown for the X360 prior to launch as well (afaik).

USMChardcharger6269d ago

what?! xbox live was already up from the original xbox.
also there was several showings of what live was going to be like for the 360 (before launch). they showed us the blades, the future addition of a camera (well before eye toy was even announced), how friends list would work, the ability to talk to your friends cross game, and so on and so on.
anyway, yes M$ did.

soccerstar6270d ago

i think the ps3's worth $600 but i dont want to have to mess with sending it in for a new one because of launch problems but im looking forward to heavenly sword, lair, resistance, god of war(when it comes to ps3), hot shots golf, motorstorm, warhawk, UT 2007(dont know if i want ps3 or pc version though), Mercs 2, BIG, Ratchet and Clank, 8 days, and devil may cry 4. The problem is all but one isnt coming out till 2007 or later thats another reason why im not getting a launch ps3

Boink6270d ago

the games look good, but online play is what this gen is going to be about...I wanted to hear more, and got zip...other than ken's "vision"

USMChardcharger6269d ago

online play was what last gen was about too. but your right it is a most for this gen.

everyone has to admit that M$ pioneered the standard for consoles to be online and a hard drive. so they helped us all out on those issues not matter which of the 3 consoles you play.