The Unfortunate History Behind Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale's Development

GP writer Jared discusses the unfortunate history behind Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale's development and how a series of high profile leaks affected it in the long run.

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showtimefolks2216d ago

this game was doom from the day it leaked to day it was announced and to when it finally came out. people really never gotten over the fact that it was a SSB clone and so it was written off as failure from day one

bought it,playing it, more dlc on the way some of which is free so not a bad deal. is this a excellent game no, but it did get some things right and i am sure the sequel will improve on original game.

HammadTheBeast2216d ago

I wouldn't say it's doing bad. Sold around 300 k retail, and digital sales are unaccounted for, although tons of people are buying it online.

showtimefolks2216d ago


oh i didn't mean to come acroos saying this game is selling bad, the point i was trying to make is that media and fanboys have done their best to label this game a failure

i wouldn't be surprised if this game doesn't end up selling 2-3 million lifetime sales

for anyone on the fence this is a very good game, must play and you can get the Vita version for free

ritsuka6662215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Sold around 300 k retail, and digital sales are unaccounted for, although tons of people are buying it online. ""

Can you show you source for this?

tons of people are buying it online. ""

Nope. Ps all stars is only the 5 game most sold in PSN.

Sucks but it was expected, this game was born to be a disaster.

admiralvic2216d ago

Honestly speaking, nothing said in this article was THAT devastating or even touched on the games core issue.

Believe it or not, but leaks can actually help the game more than hurt it. While the characters / stages were revealed, we still didn't know how the characters fought or much about their play style. This left them some hype for when they were officially revealed, since we could see how they fought / what to expect.

Beyond what was said, the biggest issue with the game (which wasn't mentioned...) were the ads. I've seen the live action ad a NUMBER of times and I can tell you it's easy to be confused about what it's trying to sell you. No gameplay was shown and really only Kratos is recognizable character to the average person. It ultimately is counter productive, since not only are they doing a bad job marketing the game, but they're paying for these TV spots that are doing more harm than good.

Long story short, some gamers seem to forget that MOST gamers are uninformed and aren't up on all the news. So even if these leaked hurt the game, they only really affected a fringe minority. Also if you wanted to go this direction with the article, you REALLY should have mentioned how Sony kept flip flopping on the Vita version including the PS3 version. It happened on at least 2 occasions, which most likely didn't help things. Either or, bad marketing caused the less than impressive sales, not leaks.

GreenRanger2216d ago

This game had more leaks than a wire mesh roof.

lizard812882216d ago

Most fighting games get their cast leaked anyways. I don't think it is such a big deal.

I do remember the smash bros tags though, lol, good times.

smashcrashbash2216d ago

No I really don't agree with any of this at all. It only was a problem for most of the trolls and naysayers that constantly searched for reasons to put the game down but none of this stopped the people who actually wanted the game. All the things you mentioned were basically as petty as the people who didn't buy the game because it had new Dante or that it had Big Daddy or because there weren't enough females or that they used Raiden.Things in games get leaked all the time and knowing what was coming in advance, unless it is some major spoiler or crucial ending to the game, shouldn't make a problem.Gamers try to make mountains out of mole hills all the time and many tines it is the idiots, trolls and the people who just plain want the game to fail who are always there trying to cause chaos and stir up trouble. The character or stage leak didn't change anything. We would have found out about they eventually it's just that we found out early.

With every PS3 game people always try to make the things that other games do all the time into big deals. Every glitch and mishap and leak and delay is a reason to call in the marines.Superbot listened to us for so long and the moment they took a break from revealing things people went ballistic and called them names as if they weren't listening and answering us before. Many developers ignore us completely. Superbot is one of the few who has tried to listen to the never ending requests from the same ungrateful people that turned on the them the moment anything goes wrong.So in short none of those things should have worked against them. Many people allow their whole games to be leaked so much so that people play it all the way through and give out the ending to people and people still run out and buy it anyway and dismiss the careless nature of the developer or the fact that some hacker found every part of the game from maps, to achievements to weapons and blabbed it all over the internet.But people tried to make the character leak into such a big deal. I know that Nariko, Cole and Sir Dan are characters.So what? Does that mean I won't be getting them? If someone tells me what I am going to get for Christmas does that mean I won't still want it?

Hingle_Mcringleberry2216d ago

Someone is a bit passionate about Playstation. . .

Akuma-2216d ago

someone is a bit passionate about quality games...

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