'Crackdown MMO': ABP video roundup

Imagine the game Crackdown on steroïds with MMO functionality... That describes ABP best! At GDC 2008 footage has been shown that has great potential. Scheduled to release on XBOX 360 and PC this is a game to keep an eye on for sure!

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TheMART3894d ago

That was my only complaint about Crackdown. I was wandering around, co-op with one friend was fun getting cars together and blowing up, but I missed the interactivity of mass battles with real people playing!

This sounds like a great formula, and the footage already looks pretty good to me

poos33894d ago

man i love being a 360 owner too human,fable2,ninjagaiden2,apb, gears of war 2 have een shown at gdc and loook astonishing

heyheyhey3894d ago

lol your back

they still haven't included spelling in the curriculum at school eh?

poos33894d ago

@heyheyhey i was always here my son ive been watching ur acts no1 troll that u are haha u didn't sound like that when u PM ME begging me to not post a lot ans saying u don't really care about the console war but ive seen all ur comments and yes ur 1 hell of a troll.

heyheyhey3894d ago

The Agency sh!ts all over this

TheMART3894d ago

Uhm yeah... Because both games already have been released and compared, right? Jees I didn't know you would be that dumb

Ghoul3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

we dont know that yet allthough webzen isnt on my quality developer list lets hope this game delivers

and its called APB not ABP

fix that mart

heyheyhey3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )



seriously mate, i gave my opinion based on what has been seen and said about the two games and the agency sounds more lively, interactive and fun

and you sound like a fool when you accuse people of speculating

oh yeah and don't just copy and paste the things i say to you hmmmm....

@poos3 reply

jeez chill it was a joke- you don't have to pull out your ultimate collection of bad grammar on me

and how was i begging you to stop posting? i just asked you to run a spell check once in a while cause your sh!ts harder to decipher than the German enigma code

Sez 3893d ago

the agency looks very weak dude. but we can see you feel theaten by this game.

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MK_Red3894d ago

Dammit, why MMO? WHY!? I hate MMOs. Crackdown was superb game and one of my sandbox games. I hate the MMO craze. Still, this is a game for a great team. Hopefully it turns out great and they don't forget about singleplayer gamers like me.

Ghoul3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

im impressed but on second thought i gotta admit that the whole moo thing is a wee bit worrying tbh webzen made many half asses mmos hopefully this one delivers.

btw duplicated story mart no need to promote your website via streams when this news is allready submitted.

there is also a spelling error

its called All Points Bulletin so its APB not ABP
you also got that spelling error all over your website mart

RealityCheck3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

While I am also mainly a singleplayer and also wish for Crackdown 2, I think diversity is good for the industry.

I say let them make an MMO if that is what they want to do now and they got funding for it; it will cater to the MMO-loving gamers.

At the same time, I hope they make enough money with it to finance Crackdown 2 afterward :-)

jack who3894d ago

may be the best lookin mmo have ever seen

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