Peter Molyneux Interview: Good Game Design is Stealing Other Ideas

If you’ve been playing games for a decade or two, you already know who Peter Molyneux is. He’s a mystical to figure some, who’s diametrical fan base is as antithetical as the games he makes. Touted as one the greatest(and one of the most quotable) game developers of our generation Molyneux makes talking about games fun, not only because of his great reverence for the industry- but also for the blazing passion and lack of PR speak, especially when talking about Love, Death and Money.

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Lord_Sloth2219d ago

Umm...No. Good game design is coming up with something good.

FlameBaitGod2219d ago

lol no, if you knew anything about business you would know that its looking at what works and how do you make it even better.

floetry1012219d ago

Don't often agree with Molyneux, but I think he nailed it this time around.

There's a fine line between derivative and inspired. Uncharted obviously draws from the latter to create something that supersedes its immediate predecessors. Not original when you break it down, but still carves its own niche.

Muffins12232219d ago

Nope...That too but also,every game design is stealing a little bit off another.To animal crossing and total war and sonic are some examples that where ripped off older designs

OmniSlashPT2219d ago

It may be true with games such as Uncharted or recently Far Cry 3, but what about games like Soundshapes and Journey? Or Team Ico's games? You cant generalize an opinion, but it's mister hype itself talking so I guess no one really gives a shit about what he says anymore.

Kennytaur2219d ago

Sound Shapes is taking cues from games like Tales from Space or Gish.

Stoppokingme2219d ago

He is right to a certain degree.

You can see where games get their influence from by playing them, for instance the drag takedown from Far Cry 3 reminds me of the same move from Dishonored, And the rat swarm from Dishonored reminds me of the insect swarm from Bioshock.

Most features from games are derived from another.

There will always be Dev's trying to emulate another games' success, that's how we ended up with BF3 and MoH.

krazykombatant2219d ago

Some people haven't seem to have heard that Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

PureSophistry2219d ago

Still- I think he provided an earnest assessment of the industry and his place within it.

SolDojo2218d ago

Excellent interview, best find on N4G today. :)

Looking forward to the alpha.

PureSophistry2218d ago

Thank you very much good sir!