Only in Japan: Retailer swaps HD DVD for Blu-ray

Amid the rush to wring the last few pennies out of HD DVD's rancid and yellowing corpse, at least one retailer has had the decency to front up and look after its unfortunate customers. Only problem is, it's in Japan.

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Blankman3895d ago

i am sure retailers here will embrace the same strategy eventually. However for those stuck with hd-dvd players especially those who bought after warner switch sides don't deserve anything but to enjoy their hd-dvd player they paid 150 dollars for.

ktchong3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

In case you haven't noticed, corporate and business work quite very differently in the West.

Right now, major American retailers are more interested in dumping HD DVD on consumers to recover as much money as possible.

Unlike major Japanese retailers, which had already had suspended all sales of HD DVD:

Just show you how differently Western and Japanese companies treat consumers. And that's why so many American companies fail to compete with Japanese companies, and deservingly so.

And the weirdest thing is, Americans actually accept bad customer service... I suppose people have gotten used to it over the years.

ITR3895d ago

I bet HD DVD players are rare in Japan or are soon to be rare.
In Japan the used market is very big and thriving market place unlike the US.
I'm willing to bet HD DVD players end up selling for more used then new in about a yr or so from now in Japan. But it would only sell to collectors of that stuff.
I keep thinking about all the old consoles I see over in Japan that fetch sometimes more then what the orig. srp was.