The Remake Of Dragon Quest 7 On The 3DS Was… A Remake Of Dragon Quest 7… On The 3DS | Kotaku Originally released for the PlayStation, Dragon Quest 7 was the last of the Dragon Quest games developed by Enix before the merger between Enix and Square. To some fans, it is the last “pure” Dragon Quest game.

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Rockefellow2219d ago

This article... This was somehow considered worthy to be published on Kotaku.

The guy admits to being wholly incompetent at the game, and then questions why it really needs to be remade at all; he then simultaneously contradicts his staunch points with comments on how it "looks good" and "is portable."

The goddamned first SENTENCE isn't even on the same level grammatically as a retarded kindergartener, and it's been on here since earlier this morning.

...why isn't Kotaku blacklisted yet?

Godmars2902218d ago

Like blacklisting this is going to be hard because its not the actual Kotaku but another site.

dboyman2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Wish they would remake it and bring it to the PS Vita as well...

SolidGear32218d ago

My girlfriends favorite game!! Please localize it in North America or at least put it on PSN under the PSone Classics!

Exotal2218d ago

This would be awesome on the Vita.

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