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Sly Cooper became popular enough to spawn his own trilogy, although the last game that came out was way back in 2005. The only appearance he made on the PS3 was an HD remake of the first three games and a spot on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Fans will be happy to know that a fourth game is on its way in 2013 with Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Not only is this game being released for the PS3, it will also be making its way onto the PS Vita as well.

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prototypeknuckles2222d ago

feburary 5th where are you, i wish i could travel 2 months in time to get this now.

majiebeast2222d ago

Ign had a live stream on twitch showing off the game with the devs, it looks extremely polished and just insanely fun cant wait to pick it up in march(european).

prototypeknuckles2222d ago

1-that sucks that you have to wait a mont later in europe

2-why do you have 1 bubble you hardly if ever say downright stupid crap.

Godchild10202222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I was surprised when they said they finished work on the game already and haven't played the game for awhile. Maybe they are waiting for for the Vita version to be completed? I don't understand why Europeans have to wait so long.

Either way the gamers win!

abzdine2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Sly 1 2 3 were absolutely amazing and visually stunning. Best platforming series for me each episode is a big step ahead.

Bubble vote!

rbailey2222d ago

I have heard this game is pretty bad thus far. Lets hope the PS3 is alot better.

r212222d ago

Where have you heard that? The previews I've read so far has been positive and most fans have said that Sanzaru Games is making the sequel true to its roots? Hell, Im a huge Sly fan and Im extremely excited for this game!

MattyG2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

How does he have 5 bubbles and you only have 2?! MADNESS I SAY.

And yes this game does look fantastic, and has only received good press so far.

rbailey2222d ago

I'm an Editor-In-Chief over at and indie gaming website and one of my Senior Editors received the game yesterday for the Playstation vita.

Perhaps it's a matter of taste but I don't believe the game is as bad as he says. I actually tried the demo out at E3 and I personally was cool with it.

I'm eager to see how the final product turns out.

r212222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Ah, i see. Sorry to lash out at you, it's just that this is the game I've been waiting for years. Oh and @MattyG To be honest, I've never trolled or said crap about anyone or anything other than trolls and somehow I lost my 3rd bubble a long time ago for no reason :L Oh well, thats n4g for ya.

Knushwood Butt2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

wrong reply

Highlife2222d ago


Then why don't you just say that you think the game is fine if you played it. Why would your first comment be I heard its pretty bad. And you are an editor and chief?

Knushwood Butt2221d ago

Maybe he needs to edit out the flamebait..

Godchild10202222d ago

"This PS Vita version of the game does not make too much use of the Vita’s unique controls."

I'm kind of happy they don't make much use of them. I hate it when studios add in a feature that doesn't fit the game or make the game a chore to play. I know they did use the Gyroscope in the vita, when using the binoculars.

"Another slightly annoying aspect while playing this game on the PS Vita is controlling the camera. Since the PS Vita lacks the “R3″ button, you cannot simply reset the camera so that it rotates back automatically behind the character."

That is going to be a major complaint from a lot of people. I wish they would add in the ability to press the screen and have the camera circle behind you, instead of adding other touch controls.

porkChop2222d ago

I'd prefer pressing the back touch panel to reset camera. It's a lot easier, faster, and doesn't require adjusting your hands. But yeah I would prefer if developers only add touch controls where they make sense, and even then make them optional if possible.

Godchild10202222d ago

I like your way a lot better and it seems a lot easier to use the back touch panel. I press it almost all the time when playing a game and it comes nature when holding the vita. Just a move of the finger.

abzdine2221d ago

i enjoyed using the touchscreen features with Uncharted instead of pressing X 100 times you draw the path and he follows it perfectly.

Knushwood Butt2221d ago

Me too. Plus, you have either option.

Sandmano2221d ago

I love usin the touch screen features in lbp there really fun.

moneybag1234562222d ago

Gonna be waiting at midnight for this!!!!!

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