GDC08: Square Enix no-comments FFCC Crystal Bearers

Joystiq reports that following the presentation about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, an attendee asked the speakers, producer Toshiro Tsuchida and lead programmer Fumiaki Shiraishi, the question that most Wii Final Fantasy fans have had on their minds: does the new Wii Ware project mean the end of the retail Crystal Chronicles game, The Crystal Bearers?

The Square Enix staffers demurred in response to this question, saying only that we should "wait for a press release" to tell us about that situation. Does that mean that The Crystal Bearers is definitely canceled for real? No, just that those two developers wisely didn't want to reveal Square Enix's internal plans. Still, it's not terribly encouraging, given rumors of its shaky status

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wiizy3892d ago

i doubt any cancellation... im sure when a trailer of this game is release its going to look great.

PS360WII3892d ago

Yeah I don't know why the would cancel the game when they are making a spin off of it on WiiWare.

beavis4play3892d ago

because otherwise they couldn't get away with never giving info or release dates.