LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Updated to v1.06

LittleBigPlanet on the PS Vita has been updated to version v1.06. The massive 106 MB update makes some much needed changes to the online component of the game, speeding up the loading of community levels as well as making it more stable when playing the game with friends.

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Oldman1002220d ago

Awesome news! This patch is very much needed. Here's hoping it reduces the rejection rate when attempting to join other players.

GribbleGrunger2220d ago

I doubt it will for a very long time. I think a lot of people set LBPV to 'auto' reject because of the problems and they may leave it at that for a while.

Bladesfist2220d ago

it did not help for me at first, but I turned voice off in the menu and now I can join people, may be a coincidence but it is worth a try.

remanutd552219d ago

did you go where it says voice chat? what is supposed to say to turn it off? resume chat or pause chat?

Bladesfist2219d ago

When it is paused it says "Resume Chat"

remanutd552219d ago

ok thanks a lot man, im trying to play with my little nephew but for some reason he can't join me

Sandmano2220d ago

By far the best game on the vita. The community is great there's some levels that I would deem worthy to pay cash for it would give a major incentive to the creators and we would get amazing levels. Off Course only the worthy levels like skanda heaven which is by far the best lbp level I e played on any platform so good ...

NukaCola2219d ago

Well, now that Assassin's Creed Liberation is all patched up, that is my favorite Vita tile. LBP is #2 and 3rd is Meed for Speed which is the most amazing handheld racer I have ever played. Criterion deserves a ton of awards for what they could do on Vita.

kingPoS2219d ago

There's just something awesome about being able add a stack of titles to your queue via

Finding the gems goes alot faster with
Here's a great interpretation of marble madness.

KillerPwned2219d ago

I just bought this game and I noticed unless I am doing something wrong I cannot jump into any user created levels. Do I have to complete the first set of story missions in order to play online in user created levels?

goldwyncq2219d ago

Good thing I just got a 32 GB memory card. My last memory card had less than a 100 MB left.

porkChop2219d ago

I need something bigger than my 16GB, but I think I might hold out for a 64GB card. Even 32GB isn't enough with the sizes of some Vita games, and games are probably just going to get bigger. I remember Sony saying that right now the game cartridges are limited to 4GB, but they've already been testing 8GB cartridges and even bigger ones. Then if RPG's start using multiple cartridges? Yeah, we'll need a lot more space. Really should have just done 16GB/32GB internal, in addition to letting us use memory cards.

Knushwood Butt2219d ago

Me too. I have a 16GB but am waiting for a 64GB to be released.

Beetey2219d ago

I just wish they would add ad-hoc...