Next-Gen.Biz - GDC: Will Wright's Theory of Everything

Next-Gen.Biz writes: At an EA-sponsored evening event, Will Wright took the time to explain to the crowd his ideas about story, brand, fan communities, and how they're all connected and feed each other in the best possible way.

Neil Young introduced the designer with a strange decision that caused the crowd to notably deflate; there would be no talk of Spore in the evening. Instead Will Wright gave a charming and complex talk about a multitude of aspects of art and pop culture.

But Wright was clearly excited to talk about other things. "I don't think I've ever given a talk to a drunken audience before." Although Wright was quick to dispel the "urban legend" that EA was not always behind The Sims (he says the people that really had trouble with it were actually within Maxis) that was not the focus of his speech. Instead, his discussion bounced across an array of media franchises he has enjoyed over the course of his life-Godzilla as a child, Star Wars always, and James Bond.

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