Gi - God of War Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Gi - It would be an understatement to say that the announcement of the God of War multiplayer mode was met with a little head scratching. Then again, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise since several single player oriented games are now including a multiplayer portion as well. With the release of God of War: Ascension only a few months away, Sony has decided to let PS3 fans get a taste of the multiplayer with an upcoming beta. In addition, Gamestop gave away 10,000 beta codes a few days ago for players who couldn’t wait until next month.

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Dwalls11712218d ago

Gonna be just like uncharted, everyone bitched and moaned..oh their gonna kill the single player...ohh this game doesnt need multiplayer..Lo and behold uncharted 2&3 multiplayer is some of the most deep and heavily supported multiplayer to this day...I have faith in sony santimonica also so dont panic ppl..

specsmatter2218d ago

Whos worrying any longer? The mp beta has been out for quite some while now (which i am in) and the consensus is from the ppl that have played it that the mp is awesome. Not only is it awesome graphically but the speed and gameplay are top of the line.

I said this awhile ago there are devs you worry about adding mp and then there are the ones that no matter which direction they go you know whatever they add will be top of the line. Just like ND Santa Monica imo can always be trusted and me not worrying about the mp payed off big time.

This mp is so good that even though there is only two levels you can play in the beta you'll still spend hours and hours playing those same levels over and over (i know i have).

By the way game play mechanics are very robust and contrary to what a few noobs may say this mp is far from just button mashing. I guarantee you that if you go into the beta button mashing you will get picked on and massacred. You need to systematically use certain power moves, magic, parry and block in order to win. Also you need to be aware of what type of weapons you are using and armor.

Graphics!!!! wow when you see that cyclops in motion during the 8 man favor level youll be like "omg" and if they get to kill him your in for a treat. Character animations are also top of the line and brutality kills are very sweet.

Ill end this essay im writing on this note lol I have fallen in love with this mp and have already invested ton of hours (im like level 30). I am ecstatic that Santa Monica added mp to this franchise and i know sp will be awesome like it always has been.

FunAndGun2218d ago

Can't agree with you more. I have been addicted to the MP as well. I'm a level 24 Zeus.

I honestly just hope they add a whole bunch more armor, weapons, and customizations in the full game. Earning the new armors and weapons is quite fun!

sdozzo2218d ago

There is a difference between supported and good multiplayer. Supporting subpar material... Stick to solo stuff, they do a great job at it.

Temporary2218d ago

lvl 25 ares...and I love the Multiplayer.

Been a GoW fan since its inception...followed the series through everything, and this multiplayer is very satisfying.

oakshin2218d ago

jeez is it that good? hmmm

i agree they r developers u just go with