The Last of Us wraps ups the motion capture work for the game’s cinematics

The highly anticipated post-apocalyptic title, “The Last of Us,” is now one step closer to being finished as Neil Druckmann, Creative Director at Naughty Dog, tweeted today that they have wrapped after capturing the last of the game’s cinematics today. This is another milestone that the developers have behind them in order to complete one of next year’s most awaited games.

Coming from Naughty Dog, the developers of the “Uncharted” game franchise, “The Last of Us” places players inside a post-apocalyptic survival game that promises to feature action and deep characterization. The dramatic story told by the game focuses on a man and teenage girl as they try to survive inside a world destroyed by plague. The two can’t just stock up on supplies and wait out the end however, as they are put on a quest to travel across the remains of the former United States.

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Shanks2217d ago

Masterpiece in the making.

Ezz20132217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

there is still 4 months to go:(
the wait is just ..wrong

cannon88002216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I seriously cannot think of a single game that's made me more anxious to have a copy in my hands than The Last of Us.

sandman2242217d ago

I agree with you 100% this game is going to awe us. Thank you naughty dog and ps3

KangarooSam2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Looking forward to the cutscenes, is that weird? Blame Uncharted :P

Edit: And Jak and Daxter. I miss Daxter. He should pop up in The Last of Us for old time's sake, just out of nowhere haha.

rezzah2217d ago

that would be cool, if they came across Daxter toys in a toy store or something like a poster.

UC3 gave us a sign of TLOU in the bar setting, we might find a link to J&D4 in TLOU. Especially since the team that made TLOU was suppose to make Jak4.

KangarooSam2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Or if he just jumps the frack out and grabs the camera hahaha "I'm gonna Jak you up!"


(I think your idea's better)

VsAssassin2217d ago

Actually, I was thinking: since Ellie is carrying a bag, there could be a pin/button for you to collect 9like a sidequest) scattered all over the place. One pin/button could be Jak & Daxter related!

I'm also thinking some pins will have subtle skill effects!

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The story is too old to be commented.