CryEngine2: GDC 2008: Technology Cam Demo

This show floor video demonstrates lighting, animation, physics, and more features of CryEngine2.


Video for part 3 and 4 is up.

you guys should check them out

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zambrota3896d ago

just look at the second video

almost 0 distinction from real life

Superiorrior3895d ago

While it is impressive, it's not real-time rendering.

TheIneffableBob3895d ago

The video clearly states "Realtime. Like no other."

Lord Anubis3895d ago

yeah the second/ San Francisco like city really look impressive and they almost infringed on a sony trade mark.

bOOmStiCK3896d ago

I like it that thy used the Sony Bravia commercial. Good stuff, this is shaping up to be a killer engine for games. Now if Farcry2 can be more interesting than the first one it will sell good, no doubt. Would be awesome if they would put in a map or objects generator as an extra. Create your own multiplay maps with physics incorporated.

Ghoul3896d ago

Farcry 2 doesnt use the cryengine 2 it uses ubisofts own developed DUNIA engine

green3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

is this the cryengine2 for consoles?

okay after watching the second video its definately the PC version

powerslide3896d ago

impressive. Can't wait for crysis ps3

French_Dude3895d ago

Crysis will probably remain a PC exclusive. But Crytek has announced at least one new project which will be a multiplatform game. We also know that this game won't be a FPS.


correct me if iam wrong, but doesn't FarCry 2 use a different engine ?

very impressive stuff.

Ghoul3896d ago

nope your right

its ccalled Dunia, meaning "world" or "earth" in Arabic it contains about 2-3 % code of farcry 1 wich is most likely to be recoded until the game is shipped

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The story is too old to be commented.