Is EA Having A Laugh ?

New Madden content once again shows EA for the money hungry company that they are.....

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Ravenator5295903d ago

Anyone who buys this [email protected] is a complete moron. I just can't believe EA is trying to sucker peopel into this sh1t!

T-Rac5903d ago

I completly agree... they are selling tutorials... tutorials that should have been in the game in the first place for crying out loud

Cyclonus5903d ago

I just downloaded three Saint's Row strategy guides off of Live for FREE. No way in hell should anyone PAY for FAQ/walkthroughs. Goddamn microtransactions.Gamers are going to get screwed in this generation. And it's only going to get worse. And not just 360; look at the GT:HD Micro-rapements on PS3...

But to EA, I say burn in hell...oh yeah, and your Need for Speed: Carbon Demo f***ing S U C K S.

JIN KAZAMA5903d ago

Their Need for speed franchise has went in the garbage after NFS:Hot pursuit 2. They are just about making a fast buck, comming out with a new need for speed every year.

shotty5902d ago

EA is another thing that shotty has to pimp slap. If only all of lifes problems can be solved this way.
"Hi, I'm EA"
**Powdered Pimp Slap WHACK!**
Problem Solved

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The story is too old to be commented.