XBox 360 - The Games of Summer 2006

In the videogame industry, summer usually equals videogame death. Few if any games hit the shelves. Somehow, every publisher magically designs their games to ship between November 21 and November 22, right before Thanksgiving. There are a few exceptions, like last year when 2K Games published Sid Meier's Pirates on Xbox. Or back in 2001 when Sony published Gran Turismo 3 A-spec and Twisted Metal: Black on PS2. Generally, however, summer is the kiss of death for games.

We're happy to say that between now and the end of August a handful of original, worthwhile Xbox 360 games will hit retail stands. If release dates remain concrete as of today then, according to retailers, approximately 11 games will ship this summer, including two football games, one RTS, two first-person shooters, one racing game, one zombie game, one GTA-style urban mayhem title, and North America's first Japanese RPG.

This summer is significant for Microsoft's new system for a couple of reasons. With these games, the Washington-based game manufacturer will continue to establish its foothold in the next-generation space, which should be pretty easy since no other "next-gen" systems are out. This summer we'll see whether EA can truly make the transition from PC to console with The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth 2's spiffy new controls, we'll get the first localized Japanese RPG on the system with Enchanted Arms, and we'll get the second generation of EA's exclusive NFL football games on Xbox 360 with Madden NFL 07. Plus, on a purely gleeful note, we'll get Prey, a smoking hot first-person shooter that should kick all kinds of ass.

What are the games of summer you ask? IGN has the full story.

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Qofthedead5831d ago

Wow, I cant wait for the summer to come. I mean Dead Rising, LOTR:BFME,Prey, you have to love it!Great move to get all these games out in the summer before any other consoles are released.I mean by the time any consoles come out 360 will have around 30-50 titles. Smart move by the publishers and microsoft.

TheMART5831d ago

Make that about 160 titles that's the number as far as I know MS told to be out at Christmas 2006

Gears of War and Forza 2 are on top of my list for this year

clayton5831d ago

And I plan on buying atleast 20 by christmas, the 360 is by far the best system I have ever had, PC Xbox etc... It is the only next gen system I will buy, except maybe the Wii for the NES and SNES back catalogue, my NES bit the dust last year, that damn thing lasted forever. But, my Sega Genesis lives!

Gamer135831d ago

The 360 is doing very good lots of mazing games coming out in cople months starting july i just can,t wait to play Forza Motorsport 2 and Saint Row - Gears of War etc good to now that the 360 gives us alot games choice.

FamoAmo5831d ago

Can anyone copy and paste the release dates?

Moostache5831d ago

Since I have always been a hard core Madden player, the release of NCAA and MAdden usually fills my summer and fall gaming fix, then the holiday releases come out and I have more games than time again...

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