What the #$*?! is Wrong With You People!?

Some days are more intelligent than others, and yesterday was not one of them. NRA talking heads spouting off nonsense, an industry that has nothing to do with Sandy Hook connected to it in passing by sensationalist talking heads looking to fill up air time by using the deaths of 20 children and 6 adults, and in a lighter note, Maxis claiming DRM with a constant internet connection makes games more fun.

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sithsylar2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

The DRM issue really pisses me off because if it wasnt for the always online DRM aka RMAH in Diablo 3 i would of played it a hell of alot more.... (Thank goodness Torchlight 2 came and hit my diablo 2 spot) :D

Cueil2215d ago

in my best Jay Cutler voice. "Don't Care"

Hicken2215d ago

... why do you even HAVE a Jay Cutler voice?

Cueil2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

BEARS... sasuage also no one says they don't care as well as he does

KrisButtar2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

was so going to buy the new simcity game, but Always on DRM sucks for me as i have a dial-up connection and its very unstable, and i have friends in the area that wanted this game but internet is not offered on their streets yet, the provider says they should have it in the next 5 years, and thats only going to be dail up as well, my friends and i miss out on a lot of good pc games, cause of this issue but on a better note we all have 360s and ps3s