Capcom May Have Found A Way To Get Me Playing 'Resident Evil 6' Again With These Classic Costumes

Starting on December 28th, will start doling out classic "RE"-style costumes for participants in the Zombie Mayhem event. To get one of the costumes, it's just going to take 15 million zombie kills.

Oh, you don't have to do it alone: the event will track all participating "Resident Evil 6" players' kills of zombies, Bloodhots, Shriekers, Whopper, Whopper Supreme, and zombie dogs across campaign and multiplayer modes of the game. If the target is reached, you get to pick out one of the costumes which will be unlocked at the end of January. You'll also need to set up an account with to participate, so get jumping if you want to help reach the total.

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Pozzle2987d ago

No, author! Don't fall for the trap!

Mounce2986d ago

IT'S A TARP!....

(To cover over you and blind you~)

Thatguy-3102987d ago

Exactly. Like that saying goes "Put make up on a pig and its still a pig". Simple classic costumes wont hide the fact that the gameplay is bad.

Kyosuke_Sanada2987d ago

Thrown in a Resident Evil II and III Remake and you got yourself a deal....

jon12342987d ago

ha everything you guys want is probably already on the disk....

dennett3162987d ago

Yes a game you don't enjoy purely to "earn" some costiumes that will do nothing but remind you of the good games in the series rather than the badly done action schlock it became. Sounds like a sweet deal to me....*GAG*

wishingW3L2987d ago

fanboys are delusional. XD

FarCryLover1822987d ago

It is still the same game though... Costumes won't make it any better.

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