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Splitkick: Whatever it was that meant Kane and Lynch didn’t work out for IO, it hasn’t infected the development of Hitman: Absolution. Despite an uneven start, and some changes that might be challenging for old players to accept, it brings the franchise forward in a gargantuan leap. Making Hitman modern, giving it all the polish of a Call of Duty or Uncharted game, not only sets this apart as one of the year’s best releases, but also makes you realise how limiting the linearity in those games is. Agent 47 is back, and his world is more open, more innovative, and more deadly than ever before.

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showtimefolks2221d ago

i don't know why all the media is hating on this game when its actually quite a good game. get this and the hitman hd collection coming in january and enjoy being hitman

Cam9772221d ago

I will be getting this in 2 days, yay! Furthermore, I preordered the HD trilogy then cancelled it because I have all 4 on PC. I will download Blood Money from the PS Store because that game was a masterpiece. HM:2 and HM:C, however, will be left because I recently played them both through on my PC (for a Youtube series) and on PS2; I don't feel like going through them again thanks to countless previous playthroughs.

showtimefolks2221d ago

yeh this will is my first hitman game and i plan on getting the hd collection for ps3. This game is a lot of fun and the contract mode is endless enjoyment

while the game doesn't look like a true masterpiece, there are moments when you have hundreds of people on the screen and that's when you realize how great it looks