Fuel Overdose Review ( Back in the early 90′s one of the games I remember most vividly were the Micro Machines games, I recall the cartridge itself had two extra controller ports for some multi-player mayhem. Since then the “RC” racing genre has died off and the last game I remember enjoying was Circuit Breakers on the original PlayStation. Fuel Overdose seems like the perfect comeback for these types of games but sadly all it does is make sure that the genre stays dead.

Fuel Overdose sounds pretty good on paper, a small digital download “RC” racer that picks up where Micro Machines left off but part of making an enjoyable game is making sure you can execute on ideas. There’s nothing useful about having a list of ideas and concepts if you don’t have anyone to turn those into reality. Sadly Fuel Overdose is just that, a collection of solid ideas and nothing more.

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Ok, be honest people, who clicked this because they saw just the "tiniest" hint of cleavage?......just a lil bit (cough cough)

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Guilty. The ONLY reason I clicked this article. XD

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i only clock because of the article pic