10° previews Viking: Battle for Asgard

With so much controversy surrounding violence in games nowadays, there is a danger that political correctness will start to impinge on our rights to digitally eviscerate on-screen foes. But for all the outcry, the fact is that cleaving through rank upon rank of fiendish evildoers can be incredibly enjoyable and is the basis for many a fine piece of gaming fare. Fortunately Creative Assembly are in absolutely no danger of forgetting that and have drawn inspiration for their upcoming console outing from the Vikings, who stand out in history for taking their raping and pillaging with quite disturbing relish.

Viking: Battle for Asgard is a third-person hack-n-slash adventure, a genre which has been heavily explored in the console history. However, Creative Assembly brings a whole new element to the tried and tested formula. Drawing on its Total War background, Viking complements a reasonably familiar solo questing structure to seamlessly place you at the head of a vast army. Here your character's outstanding battle prowess can – and indeed must – be used to orchestrate your stratagem from the battlefield itself.

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