GamesIndustry.Biz - GDC: Leverage Will Be Key to Sony's Victory - Intervew: SCEA's Scott Steinberg

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: About this time a year ago, Sony was in the midst of the HD format wars, months away from its first PS3 hardware price drop and talking about Home for the first time. Twelve months later, Toshiba has essentially conceded the format wars to Blu-ray, the price drop and new SKUs resulted in a healthy increase in the installed base of the PS3…and we're still talking about Home.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony didn't present a keynote at GDC this year and has not used the conference as an opportunity to make any new announcements to the press. However, SCEA's vice president of product marketing, Scott Steinberg, was kind enough to sit down with and chat about how the company expects 2008 to pan out for them

Q: Did you get a chance to hear any of Microsoft's keynote yesterday? Do you have any response to what they appear to be doing?

A: I thought it was interesting in the sense that what they were talking about we've sort of been doing for the last couple of years with PSN and giving smaller, start-up, entrepreneurial developers the chance to get in and make their games available on the PSN.

We have a different approach and I think it speaks to the different styles the two companies are taking towards online. We don't charge for our online service. We make it available for everybody.

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Meus Renaissance3894d ago

Seems like HOME will be some time away.

whoelse3893d ago

I think the PSP life cycle will last for another 2-3 years if the updates keep coming.