GameSpy: Home's Toolkit Team Makes Some Renovations

GameSpy writes: It's no secret that PlayStation Home is one of this year's most anticipated pieces of software. After debuting to fanfare at last year's GDC, it's fallen into fairly hush-hush territory since, with occasional chatter about the software beta popping up every few months. Earlier today in a panel, James Cox, senior producer of Tools & Support, and Warren Keyes, lead programmer of Home Tools, unveiled the support section for developers interested in creating content for Home. The hour-long session, titled "Home Tools and Support: Creating Content for PlayStation Home" wasn't necessarily bursting with excitement for Sony fans, but it gave us some insight into exactly where Sony Cambridge seems to be production-wise, and what tools will be at developers' disposal.

For curious PS3 owners, we got slivers of insight into the trophy system, and we mean slivers. Trophies are undergoing the later stages of setup. We saw a 3D icon of a new one: a bowling ball hitting a group of pins, which symbolizes a milestone in a bowling game.

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