Gears of War: more multiplayer footage

Footage taken on X06!

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PS3n3605906d ago

that is sick! This game can not be overhyped. there is no level of hype that could match it. I mean seriously when i watch this video it looks like a graphic novel in motion. I am so stoked for this game. any sony fanboy that disses this game or the 360 is lying to themself.

deepio5906d ago

This game is beginning to make most other 360 titles look pale in comparison, the graphics are well and truly amazing.

TheMART5906d ago

Well if you ask me, Lost Planet, Too Human, Bioshock, Huxley and some others are right on par with this one!

Enough to look foreward to in the coming months. And then Halo 3 spring 2007...

DC RID3R5906d ago

guys, believe me, LOST PLANET is gonna BLOW, HARD!!!!

360 will blitz ALL oncomers blow for blow with AAA titles coming your way soon!!!!

Stone Cold SA5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

But Lost Planet doesn't cut it for me, none of these 360 games do apart from Bioshock, sorry GOW looks like it's gonna be bad, 12 hours oh my we do have a problem and that's on two disks, do i signal trouble here for MS Xbox 360!

jtdonnelly5906d ago

How many hours do you think people will log playing this multiplayer...50, 100?

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