Tales of Hearts R is Shaping Up To Be The Definitive Version of the Game | Kotaku

After the success of Tales of Innocence R in Japan, Bandai-Namco is moving another of last generation's portable titles over to the PlayStation Vita—this time in the form of Tales of Hearts R. Today at Jump Festa 2013, Kotaku East was able to spend some time with the first playable demo of this Tales series remake.

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NewMonday2218d ago

then given the circumstances of the Vita the game must come west.

in Japan the Vita is very slow but has many games slated for the future, but the west only has a handful.

their are also other interesting games for the Vita that only released in Japan, Sony should shape up and put more initiative in convincing publishers to bring games to the west or publish them themselves, if they don't get their act together on this I may join the "Vita is dOOOmed" bandwagon.

PS4isKing_822218d ago

If this comes to America, this will make me buy a vita. The tales games have really started coming back pretty big lately in America with graces f and now xillia next year for us too. Lets hope the trend continues.

rainslacker2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I don't see any reason for them not to if Xillia sells well. Xillia is getting a lot of positive press and discussion so it's probably going to sell well. The Vita's current market share may be an issue, but even then it doesn't cost a lot to localize a game that will likely sell to the systems user base. After all P4G is doing quite well, no reason to assume this game wouldn't as well.

I think the tales games are seeing a big upswing in the US both critically and commercially. It would be good for Namco to cultivate that.

PS4isKing_822218d ago

It would be very good, especially considering ppls frustrations with square enix's recent milking of lightning with ff13 and not giving gamers quality games anymore. The time is ripe for namco to capitalize on that by putting out all the tales games they can since a large portion of gamers are starving for great JRPGs.

Speaking of which, I just bought tales of graces f last week on sale for $29.99. And can't wait for xillia.

rainslacker2218d ago

Too true. SE isn't entirely to blame this gen for the lack of JRPG goodiness. There has been an apparent lack of titles coming out this gen in the genre.

We're often waiting months for the next release, and for the most part it's only been filled by NIS America. While they're good, I think JRPG gamers crave variety and choice. It was so much different in the PS1/2 days, and even before. Being a PS3/VIta owner, I don't have the luxury of playing on multiple systems, and the Vita itself has seen a lot of game time with some of the PSP one's I missed.

Graces is really good. Enjoy.:)

Godchild10202218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )


Well said. This is the perfect time to do so. There are a lot JRPG fans in the US and their games will sell better now, because we are not seeing them as often as we were when the PS2 was more dominate.

And Square is not helping the matter either by not listening to their fans.

Note: Graces F starts off slow, but picks up after you get older. Which is about a few hours in. Worth the investment and can't wait for Xillia, the combat system is suppose to be better than Graces F.