GDC: "Downloadable content has come of age", says Microsoft's John Schappert

VG247 writes:

Speaking to videogaming247 after his Wednesday GDC keynote, John Schappert - "Corporate Vice President LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft" - has said that he believes downloadable content is now an excepted part of the gamer experience, and a precursor to the advent of "community gaming".

"No, not in any way," he said, when asked if accruing cash through Live micropayments was more important for Microsoft than expanding the general demographic for gaming. "What I think you should take away from the 20 million [Microsoft] Points spent to date is how successful Marketplace is; that it is a real Marketplace for content, and a big driver for that this past holiday in North America was Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I think just like we saw a year ago at Christmas 2006, Arcade kind of came to fruition and it just broke the doors down. It's doing better than ever right now, but now all of a sudden downloadable content has come of age, and now we've got community gaming coming. I think people want to be able to extend their gameplay and experience, so I think it's a great thing."

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xhi43893d ago

Like no offense, but hasn't all the platforms (par Wii) been doing this? I know the ps3 has with pretty much all it's first party games and a few third party.

So has Microsoft with gears of war.