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GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

A smorgasbord of gadgets came into my life this year, iPhone 5, Retina iPad, Wii U, etc. So picking favorites should have been hard, but it wasn’t. Sales wise, the PS Vita had a rough year, and according to some gamers it has ‘no games’, but I couldn’t have asked for a better PSP successor.

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disturbing_flame2223d ago

"if you look at them for what they are, handheld games, you’ll soon realize that they’re some of the best ever created."
Wise man

GenericNameHere2223d ago

I congratulate the 3DS for having a strong line-up this year too, even though I only bought 2 of them this year, Kid Icarus Uprising and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

To this day, I still haven't finished KIU because the controls suck. I heard the another analog stick makes the game control better, but I'm not paying another $15-20 just to have enjoyment out of a game. I did like KH3D though. Critical Mode was kinda too easy, but the game was still fun, enough for me to put in over 60 hours.

The Vita on the other, loved Gravity Rush, and LOVED Persona 4 Golden. Holy heck, is P4G one of the BEST games I've ever played in my life. I'm such a fool for missing out on this game when it originally released in '08. Oh, how I wish I could slap my younger self. I'm on my second playthrough now, at over 110 hours, and trying to max out all Social Links (with a guide of course. Don't wanna miss out on anything)

NewMonday2223d ago

you can also get Persona3 on the Vita if you never played it

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2223d ago

Cripes everyone keeps saying persona is such a good rpg.... let me go download this game and see what the hell you guys are talking about....

Blank2223d ago

Amen to that! Persona 4 is truly an experience I feel everyone on earth should play!!! Whomever bought this day one and everyone who experienced it *high five*

TheDivine2222d ago

Well there is no cpp pro support for KIU outside of switching control for lefties. You still use the stylus which i think made the game what it is. Its fast, fluid, and intense. I also got RE Revelations, Kingdom Hearts, Paper Mario, NSMB 2, Liberation Maiden, Tales, and Code of Princess. Best year ever considering those are only the must have games of this year.

Vita had its first year which was damn good overall. Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden, Wipeout, AC, LBP, Gravity Rush, and P4. Decent year especially for so new a handheld. What makes it seem worse is the huge letdowns (COD, Resistance exc). P4 i just got today and cant wait to get waist deep. Im happy its got full environments and cutscenes instead of the visual novel style of P3P although i loved that to death also. Hope we get more epic jrpg's on both handhelds.

Its a toss up between the vita and 3ds xl for me. Those 2 big ass screens on the xl are huge but vita has clarity and multitouch. Both for the win.

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tndtloveu2223d ago

one of the best decision i've made this year is to buy a PS Vita!

poo3429472947922223d ago

sold my vita few months back, great system imo but I beat all the games I had which was like 15....I wanna re get one tho as I kinda miss it, lets hope the assassins creed bundle is 199 on boxing day....

GenericNameHere2223d ago

15 games?? That's 13 (Read: 13!!!) more games than Vita haters think the handheld has!

rpd1232223d ago

Typically when I beat all the games I have...I just wait until more come out.

Deusthousand2223d ago

Sounds like a foolish decision imo

SAE2223d ago

i completed all ps3 games im interested on , that's why i have vita , it gives me more games , if i completed all the games available for it i will go to the ps3 , that's what you should do , there is no reason to sell it , it's you who cant wait for games or enjoy them slowly ...

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zgoldenlionz2223d ago

Love my Vita, hope more people give it a try and see how awesome it really is.

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