Mole report: Xbox 360 HD DVD drive for $49.99 US

arstechnica wrote:

Frank and I are having a good time at the Game Developers Conference, but when I began to write some gaming news and felt the knife at my throat, I knew I couldn't escape my shadow. The mole. He followed me to give me news.

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pwnsause3944d ago

well buy at your own risk.

TrevorPhillips3944d ago

i already own a hd-dvd but theres no point no more blu-ray won

TheHater3944d ago

50 dollars for the add-on would have been great several months ago. And it might have kept this format war going a little longer. But it just a little to late.
I wonder if people will actually buy it.

Daishi3944d ago

Well this isn't so bad considering that all stores will be clearensing out HD-DVDs soon. Grab this and the 50 or so movies that are out there for cheap and enjoy a piece of history like those guys who have working Beta players. Heck you could just get this to play DVDs in so you don't wear down your 360 DVD drive.

Gazman3944d ago

Not going to even think about buying it will save my $50 for gta4 dlc

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The story is too old to be commented.