Game Informer review scores – January 2013

Check out the review scores from Game Informer's latest issue - January 2013.

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MikeMyers2218d ago

Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified – 3


boogeyman9992218d ago

That is the worst Call of Duty in the history of man kind. It is worse than poop.

3-4-52218d ago

Let's be Honest and real.

Black Ops 2 is by far the Best COD yet. The reason it doesn't have that "fun factor" as much as it used to is because we have been having a similar experience for 5 years now.

We are ready for the Next Gen and that isn't TreyArch's's just we as gamers are ready for something that can't be offered to us on the current gen, in terms of FPS games.

ABizzel12217d ago

Actually Declassified isn't as bad of a game as it's been made out to be.

The gameplay is good, and multiplayer is what you expect from Call of Duty. And this is coming from someone who hasn't bought a COD since Modern Warfare 1 (play them over a friends, or rent them).

That being said the reason people are giving this game the justified 3 / 10, is because the campaign is less than 2 hours long. The AI is all over the place from competent to flat out refusing to acknowledge your presence. Matchmaking has gotten better after the patch, but still has some problems. And worse of all they're charging $50 for an unfinished game.

If you rent it it's you can tell it's a mediocre attempt at a COD 6 / 10. The killing force is charging nearly new console game price for a game that's subpar in most aspects.

3GenGames2217d ago


Saying anything after COD4 is good is just mental. It was the climax, and the beginning of decline all in one swoop.

-Mezzo-2218d ago

Rushing a product to the market is never a good idea.

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arsg2218d ago

GI is garbage, it's sad that they've outlived so many better magazines.

Kur02218d ago

Persona 4 Golden an 8.5?!?!?! What the hell are they smoking over there, the game is perfect.

BanBrother2217d ago

I subscribe to GameInformer, but they are F***ing corrupt.
The original online review for Blops2 was an 8.5. When the issue came out, suprise suprise, the game was reviewed instead by the editor, who gave it a 9.25.....the EXACT SAME score Halo 4 got. In other words, Activision said they HAD to give their shooter a score at least equal to the competition.

And now, 2 months later they are going to give it the original score, which is waaay after anyone who considered getting it has done so. Most likely the Wii U version.

And why could they not include the inevitable crappy review score for Blops Declassified in last months issue? Maybe because Activision, again had a the bargaining power (massive advertising-$$$$), so they instead asked them to wait until well after the launch.

Say I'm a paranoid idiot, and that I am making up a stupid conspiracy theory, but know this; I do not like/dislike Cod, I am merely pointing out what would appear to be VERY strong points/evidence into what seems to be a continuing trend in gaming journalism- corruption, black-mail, and bribery ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

F*** GameInformer, I am cancelling my subscription. Why did I ever subscribe to a magazine owned by a company that NEEDS to sell the games they are reviewing, in other words increasing the scores they give to games for more advertising $$ and sale $$.

Y_51502217d ago

Can't load the article cause my internet is sucking right now but are you sure you are talking about? I'm pretty sure they reviewed the handheld title of Black ops which is entirely different game (it's still call of duty though) than Black Ops 2 for consoles and PC.
I like Gameinformer because it feels like a bonus while keeping your Power Up rewards card sub on but I'm pretty sure that they gave BO2 a great score and you thought they gave the same game a lower score later on which actually it was the Vita spin-off. Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm a bit misinformed.

BanBrother2217d ago

The original score for Blops 2 was an 8.5. In the follow uo magazine, it was reviewed by someone else (the editor himself) and gave it a 9.25. In this article, it shows Blops 2 with an 8.5 (original score), it will probably be the Wii U review (which is equal to or better than the 360 version).

The Blops Declassified review is a bit late, is what I was pointing out. What I typed makes perfect sense to me at least.

mynameisEvil2217d ago

I actually ended up unsubbing to them in 2011 for the same crap. THey may get to reveal some games or at least a lot of unknown information about them, but as a magazine... they're crap and aren't really any better than Kotaku from a quality standpoint.

Captain Tuttle2217d ago

I'm pretty sure that in my magazine they gave Blops 2 an 8.5

ALLWRONG2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Lets face it you're cancelling your subscription because they gave a Vita game a 3. Had it been a Nintendo game or MS game you would be jumping for joy. They gave ZombiU a 5 but didn't see you complain about that one.

porkChop2217d ago

You clearly either didn't bother reading what he said, or you weren't capable of comprehending what he was actually saying. He specifically said "inevitable crappy review score for Blops Declassified", with "inevitable" suggesting that he already knows the game is shit and he knew it would get a horrible score. So why the fuck would a low score for a game he already practically admits is shit, why would that make him unsubscribe? That's some nice logic you got there. You completely missed his entire point, and you saw only what you wanted to see.

rainslacker2217d ago

They do have good interviews and sometimes exclusive reveals for things. I never read their reviews, or at least never use them in my decision to purchase a game, but the magazine itself isn't that bad.

If you purchase enough games at gamestop then the cost of the power-up rewards card more than pays for itself, and you can opt to just get the digital version(which they push anyways), and never be bothered with the print version, or simply opt out all together. Game Informer is no more corrupt than any other major website on the net, and they are all influenced by the publishers in some ways.

Y_51502217d ago

Yeah these scores are old because I saw these scores on the magazine a week or two ago... But in the magazine it says it got an 8.5. Show me a link where they gave BO2 a higher score beforehand. I'll like to see them get caught red handed myself. :P

BanBrother2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Originally reviewed by Dan Ryckert

I uploaded a picture of the Gameinformer magazine review. It was in the GTAV cover one.  

Also, this was in the Australian mag (boo), but Dan Ryckert has other reviews in there though... Chris Stead was the one who did the later review, which was featured in the magazine. He is the editor.

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Qrphe2217d ago

>New Super Mario Bros. U – 9.25
>The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left – 8.5

Yeah, naw

MoveTheGlow2217d ago

And Hotline Miami gets a 7.75.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Qrphe2217d ago

I was going to mention that one as well but I doubted the half casualfest of N4G would know what it was.

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