Petition to release the Home Open Beta

It seems that Playstation 3 owners have become frustrated, with Sony, who has neglected to release or give a date of the open beta, of its upcoming application Home. They have now started a petition, which demands for Sony to release an open beta for Home, and states that there are far too little people in the closed beta for any progress to be made.

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TheHater3891d ago

I usually don't sign these things. But I really want home. So what they hell. I am signing this one. I just want HOME Sony......I just want a HOME.

Marceles3891d ago

lol i want Home too...but I think if they released it now, the media's gonna jump all over how buggy it is and nitpick at everything wrong with it. Then they'll be articles like:

"Home nowhere near competition with Live?"
"Sony releasing Home now a bad idea?"
"Home killing Blu-ray sales?"

All of those retarded articles and blogs...but then again, I don't think there's any way around it. Home will be released and will be looked at with a jewelers lens for every little thing wrong with it...but yeah I really really want Home

TheHater3891d ago

True. But I was think more about the Beta, so we can give them back feedback. And then release the final product later on, after the fix the problems in the feedback

Lifendz3891d ago

and I'm sure Sony wants to get it to us. Do any of you really think they're sitting on this thing when it could've been released? I'm sure they've got guys on it night and day. You know what happens if they release it early; they get killed by everyone.

The media will criticize them big time, the fanboys will laugh, and we'll see what we always say: it takes time.

When Home is at a basic level of functionality and the servers are in place to accommodate everyone who owns a PS3, then Home will be out. If they release it tomorrow and there are server issues, bugs, and (perhaps worst of all) little support from devs, then what's the point.

Home is coming. Once here I'm sure we'll all agree there's no place like it (pun intended).

Lord Anubis3890d ago

ok, i'll forward this to the beta forums. hope it does something for you guys.

UnasFortuna3890d ago

I am so looking forward to HOME releasing just as much as the next proud PS3 owner; but, I personally think this will have no effect. Sony is not sitting on a "finished" product. We have all seen how fast the media and some alleged fans are quick to judge any little deficiency. I think the closed BETA will suffice until the actual release date. As a new Sony fan, I am happy to wait for I don't want a buggy product. I am no programming expert, but I can only imagine how massively complex this undertaking must be pull it off successfully. For some to sit around and gripe that Sony is just "bullcrapping" their fans....that is just plain stupid. Some people are just never happy no matter what do for them. You have plenty of things to keep you busy until it is released.

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Mercutio3891d ago

We just want something to do, WTF

Snukadaman3891d ago

What happened too most of you people saying lets wait..and be patient..this sort of thing makes all ps3 owners look like whining babies....I guess this is from all this frustration from the speculation and rumors about the home beta becoming open from gdc. lets be honest though...petitions dont work...exhibit A


TheHater3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I agree that petition don't work. But people didn't actually boycott Capcom Devil May Cry 4. About 8 people from my college boycott this game.

@ 1.2
At my college, none. And I see them every day in the gamerz club playing Halo 2. Yeah, Halo fans boycotting DMC 4, and standing up for the ps3. That is weird.

The Closing3891d ago

I wonder how many of those people ended up buying dmc4 anyhow?

Zip3891d ago

But I heavily doubt that Sony will take this too serious :S ... Seriously, if you were sony, would you really take this "feedback" seriously?

I believe that this is the wrong way to express your negative tougths, about a negative aspects of the release.

patience people ... patience :)

joeymp3891d ago

But what if this petition were to break a million, do you think it would be taken seriously then?

Lumbo3891d ago

What if the world would suddenly stop to turn round and round ?

please stay real, this petition is like all online petitions.... useless.

Tyler Durden3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

"The petition i a symbol just as the act of signing it, symbols are given power by people with enough people signing a petition can change the world" - V

moodymofo3890d ago

they would take it serious if they thought people have had enough and were ready to spend thier money somewhere else like me

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jackdoe3891d ago

Lol. Petitions never work.

ISay3891d ago

they do work but not for stuff like this, this is petty these kids need to get a life and not a virtual one like what their fighting so hard for.

TheWickedOne3890d ago

Your right not really for things like this, but didn't an online petition get the show "Jericho" another season.

Just saying people do listen to their fans.

Bzone243890d ago

I don't think it was so much the online petition as it was fans getting tons of nuts delivered to CBS.

You guys could try sending tons of nuts to Sony. lol

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