GDC: 360 has sold 18m units worldwide

Microsoft's GDC keynote speaker, John Schappert, says that Xbox 360 has now sold more than 18 million units worldwide.

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TheHater3981d ago

Wait did they announce that they ship 17.5 million units world wide at the end of December? And they claim to have shortage during January, and February. So how exactly did they sold 18 millions units? I think he might have made a mistake, and was referring to unit shipped, and not sold.

Seraphim3981d ago

that's still only 5ook worldwide. Which isn't really that much considering it's a world wide number... I'm not saying that in a bad way. I'm simply saying that it's certainly possible...

My question is. How many units are actually in homes? With such a high failure rate on the 360 and so many people buying 2, 3 even 4 or more consoles it makes me wonder how many are actually out there, in homes, in working condition. Certainly a number MS doesn't care about because the more sold the merrier for them...

btw: I do own a 360 and PS3 and love them both. I'm actually thinking about upgrading to an Elite soon. But there's no arguing that the failure rate has boosted sales...

TheHater3981d ago

But I was talking that it is possible for them to ship 18 million consoles. But MS claim to sold/have 18 million units in homes across the world.

Dude you should upgrade to an Elite...well if you have the money too. I find the Elite to be the better version of the 360 and it they one I got.

uxo223981d ago

How can anyone argue this, Sony lowered their forcast to 9.5 and then a month later claimed to have sold 10.5 million. And started boasting that they got to 10 million 4 months ahead of forcast.

No one cried foul, but the minute MS claims 18mln sold, 10,000 inspector gadgets show up and start whining. What a double standard.

I think Sony and MS know what they have sold, so how can some household couch potato that can't even manage his check book (Generally speaking, not aimed an anyone in particular) contest their sells and earnings.



Sony is the only company who reports unit sold , and mciro reports unit shipped...disagree xbox you know its true because its been reported everywhere even your xbox magazine EGM

darthv723980d ago

wouldnt it be technically that shipped to stores is also sold? Considering that stores purchase them from MS to resell so that would imply that the "sold" is in fact sold. If it leaves MS factory to the stores and $$ has changed hands then they wouldnt really be wrong.

Now there should be a new graph calld "Purchased" where by it shows exactly that. Purchased units by consumers.

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gamesblow3981d ago

So he sold 2 million units in a week. Look out wii... "rolls eyes"

Dann79783981d ago

Thats it PS3 is picking up and we dont even have our Triple AAA titles Yeah were gonna pass you this year

pwnmaster30003980d ago

the mart wat will happen when ps3 gets price cut and metal gear solid, grad turismo, killzone 2, whitekight story and tekken 6 come out what happens then. you think sony wont do a price cut and when it does with all the big games come out is over you will probably have a ps3 to

TrevorPhillips3981d ago

woow this is gonna be tough between the ps3 and the 360

jwatt3981d ago

It says "I think that we've sold 18 million" sounds unsure. It's probably 18 million anyways.

uxo223981d ago

Come on, you should have learned this in the sixth grade, if you are going to quote someone, you should use the entire quote; not just the part that benefits you. The quote actually read

"I think that we've sold 18 million, the last time I've checked. 18 million hardware units worldwide,"

Notice the part about the last time I've checked which actually implies that he did check and he say 18 million.

Anything but Cute3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

When they said PS3 sold 10.5 million, it was also shipped.

That's how it works. When they sell it to retailers, it's as good as sold to them.

Last time they said they had shipped 17.7 million. So this is no surprise.

Disagree with me all you want. That's just the way it is. PS3 fans want to believe that when Sony says it, they mean sold to customers, and when Microsoft says it, that's it's shipped.

XBOX 360 fans want to believe that when Microsoft says it, it's sold to customers and when Sony says it, it's shipped.

But they both always mean shipped.

Cyrus3653981d ago

No Sony as last fiscal reports, reports only SOLD to consumers, not retailers.

They use to report Sales as in Sales to retailers..

Both Sony and Nintendo reports their sales as, sales to consumers. I believe Microsoft is the only on the reports Sold as in "Sold to retailers".

crck3981d ago

Sony used to then they switched to recorded sales early last year. Nintendo has always done recorded sales.

Anything but Cute3981d ago

If you know that for a fact, then I take it back.

"Sony only reports sold to customers."

I'm a PS3 fan anyway. So better for me.

deeznuts3981d ago

Cyrus, have you actually read the fiscal reports or are you just repeating other peoples interpretations of it?

Because I have, and all it says is they have changed reporting from production shipments to recorded sales. Nowhere does it say this means recorded sales to consumers. How does Sony record sales for mom and pop shops across the world who sell PS3s? You ever been to a South East Asian country? I have, and some places that sell electronics, ironically, wouldn't know a barcode scanner if you hit them in the face.

Sony has changed reporting from finished product leaving their factory (production shipments) to sales to all resellers across the globe. This might not mean much, but as anybody even remotely experienced in business or finance would know, this is a huge different in accounting.

And I am a Sony fan. But not a blind fanboy.

actas1233981d ago

in the business world the phrase "recorded sales" means number of units sold to consumers.
Thanx for clarifying things out man. Its always good to read knowledgeable peoples comments.

Gina-get-u3981d ago

That's so not true. Different types of businesses use different methods of cost accounting, which affects when a sale is "recorded" on the ledger and/or reported to the government for sales tax purposes. Even within the same industry "recorded sales" can mean different things among sellers, depending on how they choose to count things.

Anyway Deeznuts is correct. I've commented on the same thing before so I won't repeat myself.

deeznuts3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

actas123, oh yeah? and what business are you in to make such a statement? please indulge me.

I work in the securities industry, reading, analyzing financial reports, statements, SEC edgar filings all day every day. you're telling me "recorded sales" always means sold to consumers? how does a parts manufacturer who only sells to factories have recorded sales, if their product never reaches an end user as it leaves their own factory?

And you did nothing to refute my statement about how Sony is going to go about recording a sale throughout the world. The world isn't like the US. You must see to believe the electronics market in developing countries. The only truly reliable data Sony has is what they collect money on, sold to resellers.

And one last thing. Sold to Resellers is ALWAYS going to be higher than sold to consumers. Shipped from factory is always going to be higher than sold to resellers (but is not an accurate measure of revenue). Why would Sony or MS or Nintendo use a lower number, which is not going to be as accurate, to report their financial well-being. Common sense people, millions if not billions of dollars are made or lost with these financial reports. Corporations are greedy and self-serving, they're going to want to report the higher number if allowed by GAAP.

uxo223981d ago

Please provide information on how they track the data from individual retailers all over the world. Also explain how they get all of those millions of retailers to comply with this procedure. Then explain how they collect and manage all of this data in a timely matter.

It's easy for me to sell something to 100 people and tell you how many I sold to them. But know how many they sold after they recieved them from me would be a whole other game in itself.

I don't buy the statement that Sony and Nintendo are tracking sold to customers. It just isn't cost effective.

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TrevorPhillips3981d ago

yeh i guess ur right and plz no more disagree i had enough of them for today before i wrote a comment saying "yeh i guess your right" and 2 people disagreed with me lol :)

gamesR4fun3981d ago

sorry cant help it when ever i see a dont disagree....

Ill give u bubble to make up for it tho ;)