Far Cry 3 targets Christmas No.1 with massive price drop

Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 appears to be making a late move to claim the Christmas No.1 spot with a substantial price drop at two of the UK's biggest video game retailers.

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hiredhelp2221d ago

Awasome game My GOTY with dishonored

brettyd2221d ago

Probly would be my GOTY but it runs like absolute sh*t on consoles. Never played a game with this much tearing and FR drops. Still like it alot dispite those issues though.. Dishonored gets my GOTY vote.

BlmThug2221d ago

I honestly have not had or noticed any issues regarding Far Cry 3 on the Xbox

iistuii2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

@Brettyd Why you get disagrees I don't know. I've got it on PC, I've got a top end machine, & need it for this game but it looks amazing. However I've played it on console & it does tear terrible, has little or no AA & dips a lot in framerate. Why do people either pretend it doesn't happen or refuse to admit it on their beloved console is beyond me.

kevnb2221d ago

Because an average frame rate of 20fps with dips in the teens is fine I guess. If it was that bad on a midrange PC people would have strokes over it.

TUGA2221d ago

I played it on my PS3 and not once have i experienced noticeable framerate drops. The only thing i noticed were some jaggies here and there but far from game breaking. Console gamers don't have to admit something that isn't there.

Baka-akaB2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )


You gave yourself your own answer with your post .

You wonder why people dont notice major issues with the game on consoles ? Well they didnt play it after or alongside pc version . And when they dont it's quite fine .

Or also they knew what kind of performances to expect there .

Hellsvacancy2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Im playing it on the PS3 and it IS abit shabby, not all the time, ive noticed moments in the game where it runs pretty smooth, but overall it isnt the greatest

Its a fun game, but its one of those time where I think *maybe we do need new consoles after all* because it should run smoother than that

Im buyin/building a PC after Xmas, ill be more than happy to playthrough it again

ThanatosDMC2220d ago

Played it on my friend's dual gtx680 and it ran so well. Tried it on the PS3 and it felt stiff and less fluid. I dont know why. Less decals and flora quality and textures. Btw, why do we have heat vision in the game or whatever you call it. I felt like a noob predator.

But it's still not as lush and jungle crazy as Crysis Ultra.

BattleAxe2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I bought Far Cry 3 on PS3, and it runs quite well. There is the odd bit of screen tearing, but its not severe like there is in a game like Call of Warez; Bound in Blood, and I haven't noticed any substantial framerate drops. Basically whoever is talking about how bad the console version is, is full of shit. I bought it on PS3 instead of PC since I've got more friends to play with on my PS3.

cpayne932220d ago

That's kinda why I figured I would wait for at least a few months of patches before I get it.

Septic2220d ago

You guys owe it to yourselves to play this on PC. It's incredible. When you set fire to crops with a much fun.

ABizzel12220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

There are some nasty fram drops in some sections, but it's till enjoyable.


Those who say it doesn't have frame drops are lying, or don't know what frame drops look like. There are times where you run around in the open and the game chugs along. It's not game breaking, nor ruins the experience, but it's completely noticeable.

TUGA2220d ago

@ ABizzel1 I have no reason to lie. I haven't noticed framerate drops in FC3. I'm currently replaying Dark Souls (PS3 version) because of the DLC and i have noticed framerate drops multiple times while playing it. I do know what framerate drops are. I've been playing games for over 20 years and i have experienced framerate drops on countless games. FC3 isn't one of those games so curb your tonge before calling people that you don't know liars.

RonRico2220d ago

Yup, like 20fps or so. Wish it was smoother because it kind of messes with my eyes after a while.

acemonkey2220d ago

i got the no rock no cam glitch and plus that one relic block

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Thatguy-3102221d ago

Agreed. Overall GOTY for me is Journey but if I have to chose a retail game it will have to be Far CRy 3. I guess I loved it so much because it caught me by surprise. First in the series I played. I really enjoyed the open world aspect of it which I rarely do when it comes to games like these. Great game and hope it gets more recognized through the holiday.

smashman982221d ago

Pc gamers get disagrees not because they're wrong but because they love to exaggerate

chaldo2221d ago


You mean because they are jealous? :x

Norrison2220d ago

20 fps isn't an exageration, that's exactly what analysis say, and 20 fps IS a really bad framerate.

We're jealous of? 20 fps with ultra low settings when we have 60+ on ultra?

finbars752220d ago

GOTY for sure.there are some minor glitches with the game but nothing that bothered me.But regardless it is an absolute fantastic game that everybody should experience.Great acting,awsome story,gameplay and mechanics are spot on.This and Dishonored are my two favorite games this year.

showtimefolks2220d ago

I don't know if I am one of the lucky ones but I haven't had a issue with my copy of the game on ps3. Maybe it's just that as a console gamer I don't notice small things any more lol

Anyway a excellent game must have. If this had come out in September or October this would be a huge sell(it still will I think) but it would have gotten more media attention and some GOTY

Sarcasm2220d ago

Same here my personal GOTY for a number of reasons. 1. It's actually a good game and I was addicted 2. I didn't expect number 1.

My runner up would be The Walking Dead games.

Nick_5152220d ago

GOTY for me, by far, is Persona 4 Golden. It's pretty damn good.

ChronoJoe2220d ago

Console gamers are used to it. Killzone 2-3 drop to like 15 frames per second but not one reviewer even picked that up.

It's not that big of a deal, though. Far Cry is at 20-30 95% of the time, dipping to 15-20 on rare occasion.

As for screen tearing, some people it bothers. Others don't see it at all. Personally I don't see it. I focus on other things, like my crosshair and whatnot, and I miss the torn tearing completely.

I guess it's one of those things where it's hard to unsee once you start looking for it. Tearing that is.

RonRico2220d ago

IMO KZ2 and 3 looks much smoother than FC3. More sharp too.

ChronoJoe2218d ago

I haven't found FC3s framerate too be bad at all to be honest but KZ2 / 3 do look a lot better. Less jaggies, Killzone 2 / 3 have much more visual polish.

Not that relevant though since FC is open world so it's harder to achieve the same level of graphical fidelity.

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forum672221d ago

Its already being sold for $20 (Rs1000) in India. I guess $20-$30 would be a proper price drop.

TheyDontLoveYou2221d ago

To bad all of the games are going to suck in the sales department cause of call of duty. The game should be priced at 20. Maybe then it would take Christmas.

Y_51502221d ago

If that's the price in the US, I'm getting it for sure!

Ninjamonkey822221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Was in GAME yesterday saw it selling for £25

The_KELRaTH2221d ago

I picked up the Lost Expeditions version in Game on Saturday for £20.49 (even though it was priced at £22.49).

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