Sony Online Helps "Prevent Trade-Ins"

In his keynote at the London Games Summit, Sony Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny has said that downloadable content is the industry's "big weapon" as it heads into a new era - and that games extras sold online could even discourage game trade-ins.

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Phenom195906d ago

well i trade by games and then buy them back on ebay for 1/4 the price so im happy in the end no matter what

Donkey Slayer5906d ago

same will go with the Nintendo online games

calderra5906d ago

Most launch games are actually using services like Gamespy or XFire for online features. Or just scrapping online altogether.

Not only is Sony ripping off other people's banter here (Microsoft especially has already said all of this), but they don't even have a proven online service to base it off of.

And for the love of God, get a new picture for that guy! He looks like a child molester!

Marriot VP5906d ago

hey you guessed right

no, no, that's not right.

shotty5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

Asmuch as I enjoy sony's speaches. I feel lately they are just saying what other companies have done first and try to pass it off they did it first. Like how sony said e-distrubution is the future, but bill gates already said this in a speech a few years ago, same with whats happening now, microsoft all ready said this. Same with microtransactions, it already been done but sony is acting like they were the first to do it.

Captain Tuttle5906d ago

Has no proof that their online service even exists. This is all just intellectual masturbation.


it sounds like sony's focus for the future online service is as a money-making download system for games. they don't give a sh1t about you playing online against each other. they just want a easy, fast way to take more money from sony fanboys. fu(k gamers having fun, just make sure there are MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!! nice sony!

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