Dead or Alive 5 Receives 2nd Santa DLC Packs [EU]

Available now for download now, each pack includes a spirited selection of Dead or Alive’s fearless fighters in their festive finest – or own them all with a handful of collection packs for the gamer who craves the ultimate in stocking stuffers.

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DivineAssault 2219d ago

These crappy suits should be free.. All are virtually the same for all the fighters

Mocat2219d ago

8$ holy shit, glad i bought tekken :P

Playstation4LyFe2219d ago

not like they're forcing you to buy an outfit. the outfit has no effect on how the character fights..

kingPoS2219d ago

Some accessories in TTT2 do, you just have to but them.... in-game.

kingPoS2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

So that adds up to at least $39 for all the dlc, excluding including the new batch.

I was sort of interested in DoA 5 before... not anymore!

mt2219d ago

I feel bad for people who pay for clothing DLC.