THQ: WWE is an unsecured creditor, Vince McMahon apparently “furious”

Uh oh, it looks like the Chairman and CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon, is in a bad mood again.

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Smurf12221d ago

Well, I don't think this is gonna end well for THQ because WWE's lawyers are gonna mess them up.

shadowraiden2221d ago

not sure about that the WWE aint what it used to so i doubt the lawyers they have will be any better then the administrators of THQ which have government backing.

THQ is safe and if WWE is a unsecured creditor they can do nothing to THQ as lawyers cant do anything if the contract signed is like that which clearly it has to have been signed.

360ICE2221d ago

THQ is anything but safe. They have about 150 million dollars in liabilities, and liquidating the company is not likely to bring about that sort of money. And I bet WWE are more than wealthy enough to benefit from having a great team of corporate lawyers.

Larry L2221d ago

is THQ the dev of WWE WrestleFest? i don't care about wwe games, bu I was really loking forward to the console version. It was supposed to release this week, but didn't..... Maybe they cancelled the release and just never announcd it.


showtimefolks2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

wwe isn't what it use to be han? yes the attitude era is over but that's still a billion dollar company so i am sure they have better lawyers than those that THQ can afford now

first the day of reckoning studio now thq, all this is happening out in the open and its gonna get real ugly

sad thing is THQ has some very good games in development, but all the years of making licensed games have finally caught up to THQ and may i remind you of UDRAW?

its only a matter of time and very short time before a big publisher buys them and its gonna be the big 3 UBI,EA,or activision.

i want UBI and some other publishers to share

but i believe EA will get them just because they are the most active ones when it comes to buying studios.(its another thing that after buying them they turn to crap like MS did with Rare)

badkolo2221d ago

not sure about that either, wwe is huge now, a lot more powerful and influential then you realize.

knowyourstuff2221d ago

WWE is basically screwed, there would be no point in spending even more money on a team of lawyers to sue a company that has no money and is going through bankruptcy. All WWE would be able to prove is that it is owed money, it doesn't guarantee it will get paid as this is how it goes with bankruptcy.

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Gamer19822221d ago

Meh why does Vince care? He doesn't even own the company anymore hes nothing but a figurehead now.

Jamzluminati2221d ago

Are you mentally retarded?


NCAzrael2221d ago

Uh, I'm not entirely certain you know what you're talking about. Vincent Kennedy McMahon is still listed as the CEO and Chairman of WWE, Inc.

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ATi_Elite2221d ago

Looks like:

THQ better make more Humble bundles

and WWE better bring back Stone Cold, The Rock, and Triple H to get that $45 million back!!!

pixelsword2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

@ Smurf1

That's not likely; a person who gives out an unsecured loan cannot get their money from the person they gave out money to until after people who gave them secured loans when a person or company files for bankruptcy. If the loanee has no money left over after the people who gave them secured loans get their money, the unsecured loaners are screwed.

MooseyXTC2220d ago

WWE can't mess up THQ, all their fights are scripted.

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Zha1tan2221d ago

you had your day vince and then you sold out wrestling big time.

sithsylar2221d ago

So true they wanted the kids viewers *shudders at pg era*....

kane_13712220d ago

they didn't want kid viewers, i dare you to go watch some classic wwf, WWf attitude era, or wwe up to like 2008 and check the crowd, pretty much the same, no differences, actually during babay face era there was hell lot more kids.

And the show always was PG, it stands for parental Guidance.

Check some of Attitude era tapings, it clearly says, TV-PG

anyhow, The "PG ERA" came about when vince's family actively entered the political races, they toned it down for senat not kids, kids have always been around.

Another reason they toned the shw down was Chris Benoit, his death brought about a new study that showed concussion caused by chair shots and poor handling of the situation leads to those kind of tragedies, at first wwe denied it, but than they gave up, they could get in trouble.
That is why any thing that can be too dangerous is out for now.

Deadpool6162221d ago

It's so easy to find a disgruntle picture of Vince McMahon. Almost too easy...

mynameisEvil2221d ago

Isn't EVERY pic of him a disgruntled pic?