Next Year, Japan Will Get A Little Square Enix In Their McDonald’s Happy Meals

Gyrozetter, the transforming car arcade game turned anime series turned 3DS game, is rolling into Japanese Happy Meals.

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Root2217d ago

HA you could imagine how it's going to go, you will hardly see Gyrozetter characters at all

"Hey I"

"Yeah I did aswell"

"Got one over here too"

"You guys got her, same as me"

"What the hell is going on here I got Lightning aswell"

"Me aswell"

"Same here"

and in the background you see them shoving Lightning toys down kids throat


Kratoscar20082217d ago


"Do you want a Lightning with that order?"

rainslacker2217d ago

All you would see is Gyrozetter toys in these happy meals, as that's all they're going to offer. In any case Lightning isn't as hated in Japan, or even among the general FF community worldwide as much as the people on here would have you believe.

Root2217d ago

She isnt well liked...fact

Not just on here, judging by what you hear outside and around the internet she is hated on and for good reasons....shes a crap character.

rainslacker2217d ago

She isn't well liked...hyperbole(look it up, I'm sure you don't know what it means).

I judge my comments based on what I hear around the internet, because, you know, I go to other forums than N4G, and I talk to other gamers, particularly those who like JRPG's, and none of them hate her, or FF13.

She isn't the most loved character, and 13 isn't the most loved game, but it isn't hated as much as you continue to keep saying.

What I'd like to know is why your so insecure in your own opinion that you feel the need to keep going on about it in these articles? Does it bother you that not everyone thinks the way you do? Would you like a hug?

How about this. Instead of spending your days trying to spread your hate about her, or FF13, why not try to find something positive to say about it. Why not play a game, any game, and look for it's redeeming qualities. You'll find when you don't fill your life, or hobby, with hate, you can enjoy it much more.

sunnygrg2217d ago

I doubt it will be a "happy" meal though.

GraveLord2217d ago

Happy Meal promotions pretty much suck in America these days. I don't even think they're doing anything right now. No toy in a happy meal? That's just wrong!

Bellcross2217d ago

Does it come with a side of "where the @#$% is FFvs13?