Naruto Storm 3 Scan – Jinchuriki Action, Kakuzu Boss Battle

A brand new three page scan of Naruto Storm 3 has been released.

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tayz2222d ago

BEAST!! YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Snookies122222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

The Nibi looks so freaking awesome in that second picture! o_o I know who I'm using.... Lol!

tayz2222d ago

same here! it looks fast and furious! i cant wait to shoot fireballs from its mouth!

jwk942222d ago

It's distasteful how saiyanisland watermarks images.

Godchild10202222d ago

They have every right to do so. It sucks that websites will use images from other sites and not credit the site they got the images from. At least this way, they can get the credit that is due to them for finding and presenting to us all the great images and other news they bring to the gamers.

It's to make sure they get the credit they deserve.

jwk942222d ago

And yet they're crediting themselves when in fact those scans come from different places.

crxss2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

starting to doubt how far this game will actually go. still haven't seen Naruto KCM v2, Sasuke Eternal, Madara, Tobi unmasked, Nagato, Itachi, etc. sad.

tayz2222d ago

I will guarantee KCM v2 Naruto will be in! That is the promise of a lifetime!!!

crxss2221d ago

i hope so... but then why isn't he on the cover?