Microsoft’s 7 Year Console Cycle Vs. Sony’s 6 Year Console Cycle

The seventh generation of consoles have been some of the most unique and most sold consoles in history. The seventh generation consoles have brought us great new video games with amazing new characters. We take a statistical look at Microsoft’s 7 year cycle compared to Sony’s 6 year cycle.

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stonecold32222d ago

saying ps3 got overheat and caused fire I think its the otherway. around. ps3 may had some ylod but not has bad as rrod?

miyamoto2222d ago

article is purposely dpewing mis information for hits

knowyourstuff2221d ago

This article reads like it was written by someone who didn't graduate high school... non-facts, bad grammar and sentence structure, and ending the article without actually making a point or coming to a coherent conclusion. Voted down! This garbage has no place on this website.

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2222d ago
Cocozero2222d ago

Its amazing even being the oldest console the 360 is still selling the most. It will definitely have a 10 year life-span easily.

Ezz20132222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

"Its amazing even being the oldest console the 360 is still selling the most."

hmmm..from where did you get that xbox360 selling more than ps3 world wide ?!

also where are you getting that ps3 outsold xbox world wide ??!!

last numbers we got was from MS and Sony that both xbox360 and ps3 are tie at 70m
and their next numbers will be in jun-feb 2013
so let's wait for them to show the numbers first
and plz no one here say any thing about vgchartes

marigold2222d ago

I think Black Friday in the US was interesting with the xbox flexing it's muscles, but overall in terms of global sales, the PS3 is actually on top.

DivineAssault 2222d ago

Sony wins in ALMOST every category & is overall a better system to own.. MS has the OS & networking on LOCK tho.. However, sony is stepping their game up cuz with the new store & vitas functionality, i see where theyre going with this & i cant wait for PS4.. Good luck MS, cuz im not supporting you this time around unless i see some KILLER exclusive games

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The story is too old to be commented.