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-Mika-2217d ago

Omg amazing. I can't wait for this. It looks really good.

Nicolee2217d ago

textures of town look a little dull but lightning look great .

2217d ago
TheMutator2217d ago

your profile picture says all

Spenok2217d ago

He likes the games. So what?

zgoldenlionz2217d ago

Your one bubble says the rest.

Irishguy952217d ago

I'm glad, this game looks like a rushed cash in. Therefore it did not take up much effort or time for a certain other game

torchic2217d ago

best example of optimism I've seen in quite a while, kudos to you sir.

Unlimax2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Sorry to say that .. but i start to hate modern Gamers who likes "Anything modern" since the beginning of the current gen especially from this game and likes games that took the course and a new direction in their own sequel.

I'm really looking forward to 𝑽ersus and 𝝧ersona 𝟱 more than anything to have some confidence .

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MrAnderson2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

You must think War Z looks good too.

rainslacker2217d ago

So I just noticed a trend. The first game Vanille said it had been 13 days since they awoke(her and Fang), and now it's Lightning who awakes 13 days before the end. Does this mean that she is going to be playing a similar role that Vanille and Fang served in the first game?

Chard2217d ago

I hate what she represents - a lack of Noctis

yaz2882217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

I love Lightning, I swear .. the fact that you play with her sister in x13 2 instead of her ( the most stupidest thing squire could do!) is what made me skip the fucking game!

she is what made me buy 13 (my fist ff game )

and I AM definitely GOING TO BUY THIS! But please squire .. add the fucking jap voices!!! with sup.

(I understand the new design thing .. squire were playing ac lol)

R6ex2217d ago

I love Lightning too. She's so cool!

I just wish this game will be more like the original FF13 rather than FF13-2. Those time-travel themes are just ridiculous!

belac092217d ago

the battle system actually looks like they finally found a formula that is fun and works.

wishingW3L2217d ago

battle system is just a copy/paste from Valkyrie Profile. They didn't even tried to make something new or to refine the old one.

belac092215d ago

dont get me wrong im sick as hell of the whole 13 series. i hated the battle system in 13 and 13-2, this just looks better than those is what i mean.

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The story is too old to be commented.