Why PC Gaming Ruled in 2012

IGN - From the crowdfunding boom to innovation in the mod scene, why PC gaming in 2012 was a big deal.

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Farsendor12222d ago

i love pc gaming and im happy with digital distribution.
pirate free for 3 years and counting

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

That's great! They should have recovery centers for pirating addiction. 3 years clean is awsome.

Getowned2222d ago

"That's great! They should have recovery centers for pirating addiction."

They do its called Steam.

Indo2222d ago

oh yah gotta get my quick fix at uTorrent sites. lol Steam kept me clean for awhile now

luoshuigui2222d ago

Let's take a moment here and thank Gaben for saving the PC gaming. Remember a few years ago when everybody was saying PC gaming is dead? Then Steam came along with its innovating-for-its-time digital distribution idea and look at us now, Steam is bigger than ever and the PC market is growing faster than Val Kilmer's weight.(in fact PC market growth rate is faster than consoles' for almost 3 years in a row, even this year when consoles market actually shrinked PC is still going very strong)
Thank you Gabe, and good luck on the Steambox project.

R6ex2222d ago

After realizing that Steam titles are so SO much cheaper than brand new Xbox titles, I've fully switched over to PC gaming.

decrypt2222d ago

Console gaming is just too expensive.

Sure you get the console a bit cheaper than a PC initially, but you get ripped of later on.

I pity the souls that bought most of their games on consoles this gen either digital or physical copies and wont be able to run those same games next gen. We will have a repeat where console gamers are buying HD remakes of old games just so they can play them again.

Farsendor12222d ago

Well all you can do is laugh. I remember the hundreds of PC gaming is dying threads. I also remember how many devs turned its back on PC gaming for a better profit. Sacrificed the quality of games to make them work better on console. UT3, Rage, Crysis 2, Saints Row 2, UBi, ID, M$ among others.

All these guys with the PC gaming is full of pirates, DRM, Crappy ports, no PC version...

It all ended up with Apologies, Better Ports, PC focued games and no DRM.

One man (Gabe) and one company (valve) stood for PC gaming. And now they are at the top of it all.

TopDudeMan2222d ago

Just became a PC gamer this year. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but it was a really good decision.

MikeMyers2222d ago

It's been a great year for PC gamers, that's for sure.

poo3429472947922222d ago

yup and soon heart of the swarm mmmm goods

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The story is too old to be commented.