GDC 2008: Star Wars The Force Unleashed Progress Report

Star Wars and videogames; the two practically go hand-in-hand with one another. For just about as long as we've been playing our favorite virtual creations there have been titles inspired by the world crafted by George Lucas. 2008 is no different thanks to The Force Unleashed, a game that LucasArts is touting as one of those rarest of releases that pushes the envelope of our industry. It makes use of different types of technology to bring the far away galaxy to life in a way that would make any Star Wars fan proud. I recently got my first look at the game in action and came away impressed, most impressed.

Okay, so maybe I wasn't "most impressed" but I couldn't resist the chance at paying homage to Star Wars dialogue. Nevertheless, the demo of TFU showed serious potential. As anyone who has seen IGN's videos knows, the action is all about utilizing The Force. Whether that means ripping a beam off of the wall and putting it in the path of a passing TIE Fighter or pulling stormtroopers off of their feet and electrifying them with Force Lightning, it's all possible in The Force Unleashed.

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Proxy3894d ago

I dunno. Looking good, but I'm still wondering...

I hope it turns out well on all consoles.