WiiMote Lightsaber Add-on Possible For Xbox 360, PS3?

Kotaku found this InterSense technology demo down at the Game Developers Conference, which seems to do what Nintendo and LucasArts will not: a 1 to 1 mapping of a gesture controller to a lightsaber on screen.

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Capt CHAOS3893d ago

But, there is a difference in cost between a new controller (360) and a plastic bit with a bulb that you can stick at the end of your controller (Wii).

Revlis913892d ago

The tech demo was exremly laggy, it could be improved tho.
The real reason why nintendo's controls weren't 1 to 1 is cause it's simply impossible(yet).Let's see why ...
Imagen that you are happily cutting through stormtroopers , droids or whatever star wars alien you like with you're 1 to 1 controls and you're having a very good time ,then suddenly a sith/jedi comes into the room, your sabers clash, a test of strenght...but wait what the hell stops your saber in real life?you guessed it, nothing.When the saber should stop you move the saber forward and voilá ,you have completely lost track of the battle and the sith/jedi is already laughing at your beheaded corpse...sounds fun?

ChickeyCantor3892d ago

yet it is possible, if you think about it.
while running around and slicing you could make that 1:1 although 1 on 1 battles need prefixed movesets.

so 1:1 isnt really depending on the sittuation

wiizy3892d ago

they can copy the wii.. but im sure the wii game will be the best and you wont have to go buy an extra controller