PS3 Addict: Lost Planet Extreme Condition review

Lost Planet starts with a 13m install, but it's worth it. Zero loadings during the game and lots of fun while you blow up aliens, mechs and snow pirates.
And when you're done with the single-player game, you can go online and join 16 player battles.

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Blankman3892d ago

5GB for 0 loading is acceptable but when i have to load and still install thats just stupid.

nicholascage243892d ago

Look at the gameplay videos of x360 and ps3 versions in the Game Zone

nicholascage243892d ago

i would say MASSIVE improvement in terms of graphics,smoke and explosions

Comparisons here :-



Not being fanboyish but the PS3 version looks like Lost Planet 2

THWIP3892d ago

Any improvements are so negligible, only a side-by-side on the same HDTV would show it. I've played over 200 hrs of LP on my 360 and 55", and know those amazing graphics like the back of my hand. The explosions, smoke, lighting...all the same as the PS3. Of course one might EXPECT a huge improvement, considering it's well over a year after the 360 release, but it isn't. Enjoy the game, but stop posting nonsense to get PS3 fanatics in a tizzy. :o

zambrota3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

The smoke has undergone a major Improvement.

why argue when the videos are right up there for you

THWIP3892d ago

Do you see any ALL [email protected]!! in my post? No.

And, the vid quality for the 360 trailer was atrocious...obviously poor capture skills involved. It looked more like an XBOX game, than a 360 game, based on that one sample. Like I said, I don't need a lame comparison to tell me what I've experienced firsthand. Capice?

name3892d ago

I've been playing the multiplayer online demo and the game isnt even that bad actually. If it's 40 dollars I might pick it up. If it comes out in march that is. Probably not though, depending on what else I see that month.

Real Gambler3892d ago

Other stores may match the price....

P.S.: I think it's this week only. Likely going up after.

diatom3892d ago

Was tempted by this one on the 360, might pull the trigger on this version if it gets some more decent reviews.

I Don't mind the massive install as I hate loading screens.

chanto233892d ago

i didn't realize the game looked that much better on the PS3 till i saw those videos you posted, and i played the 360 version looked good...

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The story is too old to be commented.