Lunch with Luminaries

What happens when you gather some of the games industry's finest minds together and get them to tackle some of the biggest issues facing their business?

You get one hell of a conversation.

BBC News' Darren Waters was lucky enough today to sit in on the Lunch with Luminaries, an event pulled together by stellar developer Dave Perry and involving veteran designer Peter Molyneux, one of the pioneers of online gaming Raph Koster, the head of EA's LA studio, Neil Young, Sony's head of worldwide studios Phil Harrison and Chris Taylor, the creator of Dungeon Siege.

About 10 journalists were invited to the lunch and they sat there mostly silent as the proceedings unfolded. They had been invited to chip in with questions but they all sat there just listening, furiously scribbling notes.

At times it felt like listening in on a private conversation because the participants were by and large frank and open.

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