Attack Of The Show: HD-DVD Funeral Service

So Long HD-DVD

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Bill Gates3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Dear HD-DVD,
I have a BABOON BOT friend at work who swore by you. He tried to convince me everyday that you would be victorious. What happened? I tried to tell him what I thought of you, and he just thought I was a "stupid Sony fanboy". I tried telling him no, "I'm an educated consumer" who can predict the outcome of certain things based on the facts presented.

Now when I try talking to him as a fellow worker he sort of pretends he doesn't see me walking his way with a BIG smile on my face that reads "I TOLD YOU SO, YOU STUPID BABOON". What should I do HD-DVD? I know his "manly" feelings are hurt, and that he feels like a COMPLETE bitter FOOL, but yet I want to still be his friend, and show him the way to the light.

Also HD-DVD, he's on his THIRD 360. It's gotten to the point where I can tell when his beloved 360 has shiet the bed because he's easily irritated, and at times seems very anti-social. It's almost as if he was so BRAIN WASHED that he feels that without his 360, he's just a NOBODY. But I know he's a good person. He's just confused, and angry at all the SMOKE and MIRRORS that Micro$haft has FOOLED him with. I think he feels that he's talked so much CRAP since when the PS3 was released, that now he knows he was WRONG in just about everything. I'm really worried about my friend HD-DVD. What should I do? Please give me some advise.

......Shiet what's that gammers?.......HD-DVD IS DEAD!!

Oh crap!! What now?

What about my BABOON BOT friend?


BABOON BOT friend hold on!! The PS3 can still SAVE your gaming soul.


pwnsause3981d ago

said the same thing to my cousin who's also an xbot, thought that HD-DVD was gonna pwned, and I said the same thing "im a educated consumer, I can predict how things are going to go if you see whats happening today" he laughed at me, and said that porn was going to kill Blu-ray, 12 months later, I show him a pie chart on all the movie studios that are supporting BLu-ray, his face was priceless, he also had the RROD, and I told him get a PS3, were gamers can enjoy their games and their movies, and movies that can get upscaled perfectly by our wonderful machine. so far he spent over 500 not just on the system, but the retarded accessories he brought for his 360. I just LOLed.

Blankman3981d ago

these guys have nothing better to do

gamesblow3981d ago

Utter ATOS garbage as always... Starring Mr. Homoerotic himself. Boy their fanboy mascara don't run does it... Not even at their absurd service for an obviously inferior format.

Kevin, your boyfriend wants you to stop standing so close to Olivia, she looks too much like a female... Even though we all know she's Lou diamond Phillips in drag.

diatom3981d ago

A 4 is generous.

They should take the HD-DVD stuff out of the coffin and put the guy who thought that lame bit up in.

joydestroy3981d ago

hahaha, screw you HDDVD. totally pwned.

gEnKiE3981d ago

That was so stupid...... Attack of the Show is lame. Ever since the whole "format" wars started they been backing HD-DVD saying it was the better format and even this stupid funeral thing they point out HD-DVD was better than Blu-Ray....

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