Microsoft Challenges PS3 With Gears of War 2

Microsoft has come out and stated that Gears of War 2, from Epic, will raise the bar in terms of what next-gen visuals should look like, challenging Sony as they move forward with big PS3 exclusives such as Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Resistance 2.

Microsoft stated that Gears of War 2 will feature far imrpoved visuals. In the fact sheet they released, they stated that "Gears of War set the standard for high-definition visuals and became the game to which all others are compared. Gears of War 2 raises the bar even further with the amazing technological advances of Unreal Engine 3."

They stated that the game will build on the success of the original Gears of War, which sold 4.5 million copies on the Xbox 360.

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C_SoL3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Them those fightin words.

This is really between KILLZONE 2 & GEARS OF WAR 2.

My money is on KILLZONE 2.

GEAR OF WAR 2 ain't got nuthin on KILLZONE 2 in the graphics department.

Scratch that, fuk those 2. (Even though their gonna be real good games.)

My money is on GT5.

Those 3(including Resistance 2) ain't got sh*t on GT5.

That's where my money is at.

ruibing3891d ago

They sure love their UE3 engine...

Hatchetforce3891d ago

"They sure love their UE3 engine..."

Which was the top dog...two years ago.

LastDance3891d ago

To bad gears's story telling was horrible. Whats with devs thinkin all they can do to make a game next gen is graphics. This is why i have a pssss3. Gears's downfall was its story. And its quite clear this time around they arent doing much more focus on it then last time...

Lame lame lame.

Blankman3891d ago

yea there really wasnt much of a story in gears but with the ground breaking visuals and the excellent gameplay everything else got over looked. Don't expect anyone to be overlooking it this time but gears 1 was a fantastic game. I say bring it ps3 currently has killzone 2 and GT5 both pushing ps3 graphics far beyond 360 can probably ever reach. KZ2 may not be a good game but no one can deny its graphics

LastDance3891d ago

Ps3 wont beat x360 in visiuals until the devs get more years of experience with the cell system.

nicholascage243891d ago

nothing comes close to KZ2 visually . here people see the KZ2 tech demo of last year's e3,2007

That is simply unmatchable. KZ2 uses data streaming from Blu Ray drive and the demo level alone took up full 2 gigs .

nothing comes close to KZ2 in terms of graphics and i dont think anything will this generation

Ofcourse Wardevil,FF13 could challenge KZ2 but nothing else for sure

deeznuts3891d ago

Is this the same engine that everyone was saying was outdated, then UTIII came out?

Blankman3891d ago

lol @#lastdance Uncharted already danced over Gears graphics and gears is for almost 2 yrs runnin the most graphically impressive game on the 360

LastDance3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

nichoalas cage(haha) but KZ2 isnt a CLEAR winner. I mean so far what ive seen is impressive but not something the xbox cant do.

In the years to come this will be different.

1 thing i loved graphically about uncharted was when you look at the showdows they actualy move with the wind. THAT is next gen Sh!t. Not shiny polished landscapes.

uncharted was alive.

Umm didnt uncharted come out long after gears??

Bevis you can say that but its not clear in my eyes that it has surpassed what the 360 can do.

BTW FYI i dont own a 360 and never wil because i dislike them much
1.5 -
Ps3 wont beat x360 in visiuals until the devs get more years of experience with the cell system.

i realised why im getting attacked.. i didnt mean to say wont beat. i meant easily kill the xbox in visuals by a long obvious shot... ps3 already have games that look better then the xbox games.
all makes sense now.

nicholascage243891d ago

compare the water of Uncharted with that of Gears 2.

Uncharted eats away Gears 2. The water and environment of the tech demo /Gears doesnt even come close to uncharted not to even mention about surpassing it.

The x360 will probably have nothing this gen to comapare against Uncharted. Not to even mention FF13,GT5,R2,KZ2

beavis4play3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

but i'll take the word from GG. they say KZ2 isn't possible on ANY other system. anything you and i say is just hyperbole.

edit. at 1.10: don't forget MGS4, heavy rain, and GOW3

INehalemEXI3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I can't wait to see what both games can do. This is great.

If I was sony I would get close to epic they already like ps3 better then 360. Due to a lack of mod support. Get them working on a new exclusive project for ps3.

LastDance3891d ago

Okay...what i was trying to say is that.

it will be a long while till ps3 will surpass the xbox graphically so far that you will be able 2 tell the difference between a xbox game and a ps3 game just at first glance.

can i have my bubbles back now:P??
im kidding i only want 4 anyway.

cmrbe3891d ago

But lets see what they come up with in terms of technical advancement in terms of physics,number of players in MP,destructible environments,A.I etc. Man this is why i love competition. Lets see what ND and Insomniac will say about this in terms of their games they put out.

wow4u3891d ago

You're putting your money on KZ2?

Killzone 1, the only game made by Guerilla has a metascore of 70/100.
Gears of War 1, made by Epic(!) has a metascore of 94/100.

I'll take that bet.

What neutral metric can we use to gauge the game's "success"?

Metascore? Sales?

I'll bet *ANYTHING* you have to offer.

wow4u3891d ago

" ps3 graphics far beyond 360 can probably ever reach"

Are you for real?

Well you better let the industry know its time to give up. Clearly everyone is wasting their time, because you've figured it all out.

Hey, Devs: Some gradeschool kid on the interweb thinks you should just quit! Time to go home!

[email protected]

Blankman3891d ago

if we are talking pure visuals then yes my money is on KZ2. i think kz2 will be a solid game the tech is there. If they can't make it happen then they suck for life end of story. Not every developer can handle mega blockbuster games. Maybe they should consider psn downloadables. There is minimum margin of error no one will look at them ever again if they fail this time. From what i have seen they will make it all i need to see is more intense environments, more enemies on screen and i am sold so far the enemies on screen at once seem a bit low. And the A.I. dosent seem too intelligent as of yet but we will see. Can't wait for the next showing

BobDog3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

it cant look too good its on the ut engine

Capt CHAOS3891d ago

and managed to be very articulate and detailed about your argument.


Kleptic3891d ago

this is getting serious apparently...

the water rippling of the UE3 tech demo recently beats Uncharted in one area, yet doesn't show if it can match it yet in others...the big thing for the UE3 upgrade was that it now had 'dynamic environment reflections' actually reflects stuff in the environment that is really there...where as before it used a lame 'see through' effect that looked like a reflection, but was actually just a seperate layer of mapping within the water, and wasn't a reflection of any of the environment...ue3 is infamous for tricks like that...they call it full dynamic lighting also, but it in the past has used similar tricks to give the impression of a multiple source lighting engine...but wasn't nearly as advanced as some lighting that came soon after... Uncharted doesn't have the ripple effects from projectiles...yet has 100% fully dynamic reflections...that includes drake d the actual static environment...and realistic rippling from everything but projectiles...which includes drake interacting with the water, NPCs doing the same, grenades detonating in water, etc...those are all effects that were not shown in the new UE3 tech demo, so who knows if they are effects that are achievable yet...

the other thing is Killzone 2 in terms of lighting...nothing that the 360 couldn't do?...we have seen very little of it...but what we have seen has been some of the most subtle, yet advanced effects in a lighting engine to date...the real time shadowing created by a muzzle flash is still unmatched, and UE3 has zero chance of competing with that...the shadows created by every single muzzle flash on screen creates dynamic shadows to the environment, and other characters...that is something that no other game to date has done...

Gears 2 won't touch Killzone 2 in lighting...thats a given...but UE3 now has stuff like soft body physics or whatever, that is still unknown about Killzone 2...the destructability so far looks on par with each other...the character models and animation look on par with each other so far...but we have seen next to nothing of either (all that was shown of either was basically a tech demo only...Gears 2 trailer was entirely pointless...and Killzone 2's trailer was just a compilation of the actual tech demo)...

either way...can't wait to see how this plays out...

Lifendz3891d ago

Killzone 2 in Graphics. PS3 is not a "cookie cutter" machine. Devs are just now figuring out how to utilize it. Read the Far Cry 2 preview and you'll see that Ubisoft is now heralding the machine's SPUs and the Cell. I know Guerilla will utilize these things as well. Heck, with one stage having more polygons than Killzone 1 I'm excited.

Story: Killzone 2. Gears didn't really have one, did it? Your breaking out of jail (why were you in?), you're at your dads who happens to be a rich scientist (huh?), and then there's more shooting.

Everything is a toss up IMO.

godofthunder103890d ago

i said it so many times and this is my last time because most gamers are fanboys will never grow up.i agree that kz2 will be a great game and i don't own a ps3 i own a 360 but i think that they are both damn good systems.
no matter how good a 360 game is,ps3 fanboys will never admit that the 360 have games that are just as good as games on the ps3.the 360 have gears of war but it's on the 360 so according to ps3 fanboys it's not a good game.ps3 fanboys said that oblivoian sux and it was over rated when it first came out and was suppose to be an exclusive on the 360 but when it was ported to the ps3,the same ps3 fanboys that said it sux was all of a sudden saying how great the game is and people that own a ps3 should buy it.
instead of acting childish they need to just admit the truth instead of saying every thing sux because it's on the 360 instead of the ps3 and the same for 360 fanboys.
the truth is that the 360 have games that are just as good as games on the ps3 but i know that ps3 fanboys will never admit it.the 360 have games that it's graphics are just as good as graphics on a ps3 system but graphics isn't the only thing that counts in a game,hell graphics comes around 3 or 4 on a list for the things a game must have to be good.even if the graphics look just like real peopl it isn't worth a sh*t if the story line isn't any good.
people that said gears's story telling was horrible must have never played the game,hell gears had a damn good story line unlike metal gears game,hell the story line is so stupid ,half the people doesn't even understand what the hell it's about and i played them and i know a lot of people on the net and in person that said the same thing.the person that said gears was just like ur3 is way off.gears isn't anything like ur3 and i know that the person that said it never played gears because if he did then he would have never posted his article because he's way off.
people like these ps3 fanboys are the people that i been talking i said before they will never admit that the 360 have a good game on it even if the graphics look just like a move and it had the best story line ever and it's childish and they need to grow up.
i know that they have 360 fanboys that says the same thing and not all ps3 owners(not ps3 fanboys)says that all games on the 360 sux.
i don't understand why they act as if they own the company and have to fight over the systems like their life depened on their console and microsoft doesn't give a sh*t about them,all they want to do is sell systems and they will lie to do far as fanboys fighting over the one that have the best exclusive is stupid to.the 360 and ps3 will both have good exclusives but out of every 4 exclusive that each one have about 2 of them want be worth a sh*t and that's a fact,hell just look at the exclusive that's out now,over half of them wasn't worth a sh*t,most of them only received about a 5 out of 10 on an average.
fanboys might as well face it because the xbox and ps will be around as long as people want to play i said above the ps3 is a damn good systen and i don't even own one but the 360 is a damn good system to.the ps3 have good games and bad ones just like the 360.i wish that kz2 was on the 360 to but i know that ps3 fanboys will never admit that they want a 360 exclusive on the ps3 no mater how bad they wish it was.they both have games that i don't care about.i played mgs and i don't care for it but that's me.
people that have one system shouldn't even worry about the other system because it really doesn't concern them.they should just enjoy their system and games no mater what system they have because they both are good systems with good games on them.

Real Gambler3890d ago

Some devs are claiming that the Unreal engine is crap, while THE software giant is claiming it's the end of the world.

I would still go with UT3 and mods.

Killjoy30003890d ago

the bottom line is killzone 2 will set the technical benchmark in the industry that devs will have trouble fololowing for at least a couple years. if xbox wanted gears to have bettter GFX than killzone the story would be probably about 2 hours long and there wouldnt be a whole lot of content offered to there consumers.

whoelse3890d ago

I think Resistance 2 will be the biggest FPS this year!

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Danja3891d ago

Looking forward to seeing them amazing groundbreaking visuals...I think we're in for a big disappointment in the end..hmm !

v1c1ous3891d ago


1) its a flamebait article
2) Microsoft never openly challenged Sony, its all the website's own crap, THUS MAKING IT FAKE
3) For the good of N4G at least!

jwatt3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Yea I think Killzone 2 and Geow2 will go at it, I was really impressed with the tech demo for gears but I think Killzone looks good too.

Killzone video the lighting and blood looks freakish real!

INehalemEXI3890d ago

I think Guerilla's In-house engine could show the short comings of UE3. UE3 has added more middleware into UE3 though. Im pretty sure both games will have certain aspects that one displays better then the other.

Overall I would say KZ2 will be the most shocking. Simply because we have already played gears on a next gen (current gen now) console and It will probably look and play a bit better then the original.

KZ2 has suprise factor we really don't know jack when it comes to what KZ2 is going to be like to play through. Since there has been no chance to play a KZ title on a next gen (current gen now) console. Other then what we have seen from someone playing a demo and arguably the most famous/Infamous fps trailer of all time.

Alot of people say they can't deliver an experience to match what was shown in that trailer and It will be interesting to see what KZ2 ends up playing like.

Jamegohanssj53891d ago

That's one game compared to like 20 games coming out for our system.

Sayai jin3891d ago

What 20 games and who's "our system"?

Asurastrike3891d ago

Please don't compare KillZone 2 and Gear of War 2.

Gears is going to be better. Killzone 1 sucked, so did the PSP game. Gears was awesome.

ruibing3891d ago

Killzone 1 was a PS2 game, and Killzone 2 was on the PSP with a top-down view. And there's also Resistance 2 with 8-player coop campaign mode and 60-player multiplayer model.

slpknt6sic63891d ago

please dont even go there especialy since there is no trailers to gears 2 yet. in case you havnt read anything its talking about graphics and we all know the ps3 has the best on console. nuff said.

wow4u3891d ago


Yeah, and Huxley is going to be 60 vs 60 -- what's your point? Oh, and Huxley is shipping Q2 2008... like, in a few months.

gambare3890d ago

don't forget that Huxley is going to be a MMO, the mechanics are different from a fast paced FPS, 60 vs 60 in a non precision game is totally different from pin-point games

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ikiru33853891d ago

I don't think Sony cares what MS brings out. Sony is packin' heat with some crazy ammunition this yr.

craymoogy3890d ago

their ultimate weapons are truly ultimate weapons.

Omega Weapon (KZ2)
Ruby Weapon (MGS2)
Emerald Weapon (FFXIII)
Ultimate Weapon (RMOF2)

millertime83063890d ago

Wow, that was nerdy...but I got the reference.

Sh!t, I'm nerdy!...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3890d ago

You get bubbles for the FF7 reference there. Really funny.