Should Games for Windows – Live Be Free?

It's a question you may have asked yourself several times if you ever tried to play games like Shadowrun or Gears of War. These games are Games for Windows – Live enabled. If you want access to the full range of online features, you have to pay for Xbox Live. While console gamers are used to this, it's an odd structure to press on PC gamers.

Why does a gold account for Games for Windows – Live, the membership level required for full access, still cost money? IGN asked Kevin Unangst, Global Director for Games for Windows.

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riksweeney3890d ago

"Anything's possible. But we are not confirming anything at this point."

Translation: We can't make it free unless we make it free on the 360 too, which isn't going to happen.

blacsheep3890d ago

live,should be free if anything but with 10 million subscribers that aint gonna happen its a cash cow for microsoft!

Capt CHAOS3890d ago

So it can lose out big time to Valve and it's steam offerings etc. and die a slow painful death.

There, I feel better having said that.

gamesR4fun3890d ago

all i know is that Im not brain dead enough ta pay for it.

Leathersoup3890d ago

I agree whole heartedly. Now if only we could get Valve to make a console.

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Fishy Fingers3890d ago

YES it should be free.

To play online should always be free, you pay for the hardware and the software (& your internet), you shouldnt have to also pay for the "privilege" of playing that software online.

darkshiz3890d ago

MS doesn't think so at all.

MaJiKaLL3890d ago

you pay money for the game.. n play it however u want it, online or offline!

i bin using gamespy for years. that was free, although u cud pay i guess for more advance feature. Bt xbl dnt give u shaite!

beaner714813890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

who cares, use steam its set up better and has far better support anyhow.

and its free.

Fishy Fingers3890d ago

Not exactly a well thought out comment.

Games released on "Games for Windows" wont run through steam.

TheIneffableBob3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

the Steam game overlay works fine on my Games for Windows games. I don't own any GFW-Live games because they all suck, but I expect them to work with the overlay as well.

And Universe at War: Earth Assault, a Games for Windows-Live game, is available for purchase through Steam, so GFW-Live will work with Steam.

Yaster3890d ago

Both Windows and Xbox Live should be free

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The story is too old to be commented.